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Fashion Recommendations Built Around Your Closet

The Right Jacket For Your Body

The Right Jacket For Your Body

In dressing for success, figure analysis is of first importance whatever your shortcomings are — whether you’re too short, too chunky or too skinny — your clothes can perform minor miracles in concealing, camouflaging and disguising them. But, your attitude performs the major miracles, and what is better than a powerful jacket to help pump up your nerves.

Women have been known to get an instant jolt of confidence with the humble addition of a jacket — there’s just something really sophisticated and nonchalant about adding on a layer and thanks to the experts at WM you’re going to know which jacket suits you best!

If You’re Petite

Before we begin with our recommendations we’d like to clear out a common misconception about petite women — it doesn’t just mean having barbie doll-like proportions whilst being of shorter height. You could be as curvaceous as as they come, but we’re majorly targeting height issues here, i.e. 5 foot 3” and below.

Since faux lengthening is the clinical wardrobe procedure here, look for cropped jackets that end just below your bust or ones that end just at the hip or mid thigh length — try and avoid styles that end right at the waist.

Cropped jackets are trendy and great unless you’re confusing them with ugly shrugs that have rounded fronts (they’re so 2007!). So how do they help you ask? Well, cropped jackets are a great nod to your already petite frame, the trick however, is to opt for a monochromatic play with similarly hued high-waisted pants that’ll create a lengthening look — tuck in your tank top or simply wear a body suit and you’re good to go!

Longer jackets are another trick you can rely on so long as you pay close attention to the devil in the details — princess seams, straight edged hems and streamlined. When hunting for longer blazers, do look for slimmer collar styles that aren’t wider than an inch, come in single button variants and have a plunging neckline — the deeper the neck depth, the more height you get. Be sure to pair all your jackets with trousers or jeans that are well fitted ankle cut-offs to help with the lengthy illusion.

WM Tip: Playing with your proportions is key to lengthening your figure, but knowing your proportions means having sound knowledge of your measurements before any shopping trip. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to go up a size and have a seamstress tailor the item to your body.     

If You’re Full-Figured

The plus-size fashion industry is finally moving in a positive direction and while we cringe at the disparaging word ‘plus-size’, we’re here to tell you that you can wear whatever style of jackets you like so long as you commit to wearing it with utmost confidence — we’re talking some serious DGAF attitude here! Whether the current trend calls for bombers or cropped layers, there’s something really refreshing about a full-figured girl owning her style, not without preventive measures of course.

When shopping for outerwear, larger women tend to go for roomier fits instead of the kinds that would fit well out of illogical reasoning — there’s no reason why a snugly fit jacket could go wrong unless its the wrong size to begin with. Steer clear of jackets that come in sticky body hugging fabric a.k.a cheap jersey or lycra. Invest long-line kimonos that can give the illusion of length and take the eye away from your tough spots.

Open jacket styles with high collars are your best bet when it comes to layering as compared to the ones that enforce a button closure — sometimes a buttoned up look can do a lot for drawing attention to your midriff and create odd wrinkles that look uncomfortable to the onlookers eye.  

WM Tip: If you reside in colder states, opt for double breasted coats instead as they tend to give off a more streamlined silhouette.

If You Lack Curves

Textbook fashion guides often refer to you as a rectangle or a ruler, well, the good news is that you have an extremely athletic built that can be the envy of many, but if feminine curves is what you crave then the right jacket can do a lot more than add a wave or two to your frame.

The devil is indeed in the details — look for hints of ruffles, pleats and waterfall collars when searching for a jacket, as these can add just the right amount of volume to your top half and make you look good.

Peplum blazers are your go-to’s when it comes to adding the illusion of a faux Kim-K derrière. Be sure to colour block your jackets with your bottoms as this can make for an interesting proportion. While kimonos may be comfortable cover-ups, might we suggest adding a belt to cinch your waist for a hint of an hourglass figure. Bombers are your best friends and can be even better when paired with skater skirts.

WM Tip: Look for rich feel textured fabrics rather than the flimsy light instead when it comes to jackets as the textured ones can have a better fall and shape.

If You’re Top Or Bottom Heavy

Triangles or inverted wedges, problem areas can be any of the two, but your sense of style needn’t take the fall for it. The key is to let one end of your torso help balance out the other.

If you’re commonly known as the pear shape (read: heavy thighs and hips), try drawing attention up to the top half of your body with jackets that have enhanced collar styles and trims — think wide fold over collars and shoulder pads — the padding is great because it visually evens out with the proportion of your hips.

If you’re top heavy then you needn’t fear the idea of jackets that could potentially draw more attention to an already enhanced bust, certain styles can help you own what you were blessed with. When looking for blazers opt for wider neck styles with single button closures that button up right below the bust. Consider menswear-inspired bandhgala jackets that have high neck collars to draw attention away from the bust. Avoid asymmetric collars or waterfall styles and go for longline open-faced jackets instead.  

WM Tip: Women with heavy busts should avoid layers with loud prints, whereas the pear shaped women can play with subtle prints that draw attention upwards.

If You’re An Hourglass

If you’re really an hourglass then we’d love to meet with you in person, because this body type is often what Kylie Jenner and Kim-K’s surgically doctored looks are made up of. But, if you really did get it from your momma’ or pilates is your religion, then we do indeed envy you!

Belted jackets are your go-to, as the whole ‘cinch your waist’ look was made especially for you — think wrap styles that come with belts or buy an arsenal of slim leather belts to enhance every jacket you already own.

You can definitely rock blazers with pronounced collars and single buttons, its all about the nip and flare for you. Unbuttoned, open-faced streamlined jackets are great for the days you crave for a straighter silhouettes as compared to the regular curve enhancing styles.

WM Tip: Own what you have with just about any jacket style, just avoid any heavy ruffles or trims on the jacket that can weigh you down.   

Now that we’ve offered you a guide for the perfect layers whatever shape you may be, go out, experiment and become an eye-catching epitome of elegance!