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Ruffled Silhouette: Finding The Right Skirt For You

Ruffled Silhouette: Finding The Right Skirt For You

Admit it, every girl loves some flounce! Skirts are extravagantly classic and one of the most feminine pieces a girl can wear. It is, hence, crucial for us to properly stock our closets with the right skirts for our body. There is no perfect body type and each shape has its own styling advantages. The key here is to show off your best asset and divert attention from areas of insecurities.

Here’s that one skirt for your body, one that you can rock gracefully!

The Apple

If you carry most of your weight around the middle, you are an ‘apple’.  A body like you will appreciate circle skirts or any skirt that flounces out away from your stomach and at the hems. Your skirt must have essentials like a side-zipper and a thin waistband. Make sure that the material you choose is not very exaggerative. Your skirt is flat-fronted at all times with not much of detailing around your waist so that it can mask your belly in an appropriate manner while you can still flaunt your slim legs.

Inverted  Triangle

If you have a lean body with flat and narrow hips and little waist definition, you’re a ‘banana’. The good news for you is that the slimmer you are, the shorter you can go with your skirt! This boils us down to miniskirts! So, play around the textures, prints, hemlines and of course, belts! Anything you add to your bottom will help you emphasise it and help create curves.

The Pear

If you’re heavy around your hips and thighs but you do have a clearly defined waist, you’re a ‘pear’. A skirt for you is an A-line skirt. They fit perfectly well onto your small waist and flare out from your thighs concealing your wide bottom, flattering your figure at its best. Knife-pleated satin materials will work just right for your proportions. This balances out your figure without looking too overt. A tulle skirt would look great on you!

The Hourglass

If your bust and hips are approximately the same sizes and you have a very narrow waist, you’re an ‘hourglass’.
A skirt that will hug your curvy figure and lengthen your legs is the voluminous pencil skirt. If you’re in favour of wearing them high-waisted, look for tulip cuts or other similar asymmetrical hemlines. Choose soft fabrics for your skirt that hang naturally down your hips without adding a box-like look to your lower half.