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The Swag War – The Battle Between ‘U’ and ‘V’

The Swag War – The Battle Between ‘U’ and ‘V’

Before we get into the nitty gritties of which t-shirt is the better one for you, always make sure the tee fits well. A perfect fit is cardinal when it comes to t-shirts. Now, coming along, while you may think a t-shirt doesn’t quite require any thought put into it, let us prove you wrong. U-neck and V-neck t-shirts are the two standard neck types when it comes to choosing one. While the debate on what looks best is on, lets take a minute to understand the necklines before you plunge into any conclusion regarding your outfit.

The U-Neck

The U-neck is the humbler cousin of the V-neck. While it may come across as a little informal, it is the most versatile of them all. It is mostly referred to as crew neck, named after the oarsmen at the sea who originally wore it. If you have slender or droopy shoulders, an angular face or long and slim face, this type is the one for you. The ‘U’ creates a softness for your sharp jaw and helps balance the sharpness of your outfit too. Also, it draws attention away from the centre, making you appear broader.

You could play around  with variations of the U-neck, like the scoop neck, the deep-U and boat neck. The scoop neck is a great choice if you are broad-chested or heavy-chested. The U-neck is also a wardrobe essential since it creates for a good base to layer upon. Try adding scarves or bomber jackets to spruce up your look.

WM tip: Try aligning a heavy neck-piece with your neckline to make a statement with your outfit.

V – Neck

The V-neck is a more ‘revealing’ option when compared to the U-neck even in its simplest form. It makes the eye follow a vertical motion. If you have square shoulders, broad shoulders, a short neck or if your face is on the rounder side, you should be wearing this style of neck a lot more. It takes the attention away from the sides and draws it towards the centre, thus making you appear narrower. The open neckline shows more skin, which visually adds to the length of your neck. The v-neck looks great when worn with a suit or a blazer.

WM tip: While layering, keep in mind that all the necklines are similar. You cannot wear a U-neck jacket over a V-neck top and vice versa.

If you are one to like a V-neck by day and a U-neck by night, Henley is your saviour. It is a blend of both styles. Buttoning it up will give you a  ‘U’ while left unbuttoned will give you a ‘V’.

Edited by: Jehana Antia