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The U-n-I Fashion Code

The U-n-I Fashion Code

In today’s times, fashion sees no sex! Take for example, the latest commercial for an online fashion store that is all about ‘breaking the stereotypes’. Likewise, in the India Runway Week 2016, Delhi-based jewellery designer Akassh K Aggarwal launched his new collection with a social message of spreading awareness about gender equality. The message was loud and clear as women wore Pagdis with contemporary ethnic and fusion ensembles.

Taking cues, we feel unisex clothing is one of the coolest ways to bridge the gap between the sexes, while still maintaining that appeal between the two. After all it’s the chemistry that speaks volumes. Here are few pieces in which you can make your stand loud and clear:


Chinos / Khakis

Chino trousers in different colours and sizes are ideal statement pieces. These can be teamed with shirts and tees, or you can combine the two — a tee with an open shirt. The fit varies from slim to regular to skinny. And, if you are in mood for some drama try the printed pair. Finally, for a casual and carefree look simply fold them up!



Popularly known as sweatpants or track pants, joggers are one of the most comfortable bottom wears on the rack. They usually come in a baggy fit for that extra comfort and flexibility. Most of all they are versatile in nature — you can pair them up with blazers for a refined look.



A hit with the men folk, loafers are now making its way in the world of women’s fashion. Loafers are low lace-less shoes, which can be slipped into easily, hence also called as slip-on shoes. What adds to their appeal is that they can be worn both with formal and informal wear. They are available in different colours, designs with tassels and decorations, and materials such as suede, canvas, and leather.



Sweat it out with sassy sneakers. These were initially used only for sports, but are now worn as casual footwear. Colours and designs galore, they are perfect for that run to any destination.


So, whether you choose to be politically correct or not you can certainly go sartorial with your fashion this season; …are you ready to make a statement?


Writer: Neha Gupta