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The Yoga Pants Prep

The Yoga Pants Prep

If you’re a gym-junkie, amongst all your work-out apparels, yoga pants have got to be your favourites. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re stylish, they’re sleek, the most versatile and the flexible bottoms of all and most importantly — they’re super comfortable. How about we tell you that you can wear yoga pants almost anywhere and everywhere by working a little with their ethics. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So if yoga pants are your thing and you aim to be comfy at all times, follow up with this article and learn how to sport them fashionably outside gym.

Quirky Tops

If you’re into casual street wear and want to extend your workout wardrobe towards it, crop tops are the best choices to team up with yoga pants. Solid, short-sleeved tops or even strappy tops with contrasting camisoles underneath are good to start with. Invest in a pair that fits you right. An ill-fitted pair of yoga pants can be an embarrassment. Whereas, a well-fitted one will be analogous to what a bra does to your breasts. It will elevate your figure in the right way, without appearing revealing.

You can wear this combination to college, while hanging out with friends or even for a brief hike. Add funky tennis shoes to complete the look and carry yourself confidently so that you don’t appear like someone who’s on her way to the gym!

WM tip: Go for longitudinal prints that elongate your silhouette and also help to steer attention away from your pants. Look for pants that have little detailing like side stripes. Your top should not be too A-line or frilly as it may blow up in a windy weather since yoga pants are skinny. You do not want to be an exhibit in public!

For styling yoga pants with crop tops, you can choose to tie a flannel shirt around your waist. You can also wear long cardigans to put this outfit together.

Tender Tunics

Tunics are timeless. Whether you wear them with jeggings, jeans or just stockings, this style will never fade. To add more, they’re just the right tops to be paired with yoga pants, the advantage being their length which gives you a good butt coverage.

This not only masks your nether-regions but also looks classy and pleases the eye. So, wear fancy, pastel tunic tops over black yoga pants. You can drape a scarf around your neck to bring out your dainty side. Instead of flats, choose block heels with broad ankle straps.

Perfect for a day-out or shopping. Refill your swag quota with a pair of cool aviators and a voluminous tote bag.

WM tip: Don’t try to pull off your zaniest tie-dye yoga pants outside your yoga class. Stock up on neutral colours — navy, black and charcoal will go with anything. Tunics are decent, and so must be your bottoms. Do not play with funky colours in this case.

Blaze your layers

Layers have an ability to put together an outfit without doing much. They make a statement that helps you beat the cold effortlessly.

For the day, a denim jacket thrown over a simple white T-shirt and black pants with converse shoes will complete the look. Enhance the effect with a light scarf. Similarly, pair a leather jacket with a cropped cami along with black pants for the night.

WM tip: Sheer material is out of the league. Test your pair of pants against opaqueness under broad daylight. Wearing seamless undergarments is the sole rule.

Maxi tops

For girls who are heavier on the bottom, maxi tops are the most stylish options to be clubbed with yoga pants. They add length to your silhouette. You can choose the style and material to pull off this look.

Try to keep the tops in cotton or chiffon that have a flowy silhouette. Let the tops be lighter than your bottoms so as to streamline your lower body. A-line tops having fancy collars and prints with ruched sleeves must be your preference. For shoes, you can work with high heel peep-toes so that your top does not dip down to the floor.

WM tips- The key to rock this look is to choose longer tops that don’t have very high-cut slits. Avoid nude coloured pants under these tops. They might look unflattering.

Bottoms under bottoms

Unconventional as the name suggests, who thought shorts could be incorporated with yoga pants?

Denim shorts and skirts are undoubtedly the most peppy bottoms every girl adores. However, not many girls are permitted to wear minis. So how to wear shorts without actually showing off skin? By wearing yoga pants underneath!

Pick out a nice, close fitted T-shirt and tuck it in your black pants. Next step is to put on your denim shorts or skirt. A blazer or a denim jacket would look just great, putting the whole attire together. Kick off with ankle length boots and you go, girl!

You can wear this almost everywhere, and your mama will never deny you again for shorts!

WM tips: Gym pants get over-stretched, ripped or faded soon. It’s good to know when to discard your worn out yoga pants.

So if you own tons of workout bottoms and  crave to flaunt them everywhere, incorporate these styles into your daily wear. Don’t limit those cozy yoga pants to the gym alone!