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4 Foolproof Ways To Avoid First-Date Fashion Faux Pas

4 Foolproof Ways To Avoid First-Date Fashion Faux Pas

First dates can be as scary as exciting. Forget the racing heart beats and the giddy feeling, one major issue that haunts most women is what in the world should I wear. Even with closets full, there is not ONE perfect outfit that is first-date appropriate. Right, aren’t we?

This isn’t rocket science, but we’ve got to do our best at looking perfect, because hey… clichéd or not, first impressions really do matter. TBH it’s not difficult to go wrong with first-date outfits. In fact, fashion faux pas may just be inevitable on that first of many dates. However, there are a few hacks we know about perfecting that look. And obviously, we’ve got to share these with you. Read on and thank us later.

Now Is Not The Time To Experiment

We know you love trying new trends, but can we just give you one advice…now is just NOT the time. Trends come and go, and fashion peeps that we are, we know how difficult it is to wait when everyone else is trying out a fad. But believe us when we say this, first dates are just not the right time to do that. Only because some trends are risky business when tried the first time. You’ve got to test the waters a few times before deciding on what you like about the trend and interpreting it in your own way.

Avoid Being Over Ambitious

As much as you’d want to experiment, being over-ambitious with your outfit on a first date is a bad idea. Dying to see how that trumpet-sleeved top pairs with a mini-skirt? Another time girl. Today, it’s all about looking your stylish self. And do that being safe. Stick to the golden rule: less is more. Even when it comes to makeup, try and be basic. He needs to see the real you and we bet that’s a fine picture to see.

Comfort Is Key

Already knew this, didn’t you? Well, at WODROB we always stress about being comfortable in your own skin, and in what you wear. You can exude confidence only when you’re sure of your own appearance. Avoid clothes that require constant adjustment, and we bet you have many pieces like that. If that onesie is just not your thing, avoid it. When that tube top seems like it’ll put you at a malfunction risk, switch to outfit B STAT.

Avoid Baring It All

We’re no relationship advisors here but we sure know a thing or two about it. If he’s bothered to ask you out then he sure thinks you’re sexy. So you don’t need your clothes to reveal that side of you to him. However comfortable you might be, showing too much skin on your first date can be highly off-putting. You don’t want to be labelled ‘The girl who tries too hard’. If you choose to wear an off-the-shoulder top, then pair it with voluminous pants or your basic ripped jeans instead of a miniskirt.

Want a tiny tip more? Avoid the sock bun or the slick back look when you’re doing up your hair. You might give off a very ‘high maintenance’ and unapproachable vibe. Leave your tresses free and open instead.