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4 Things About Tie Care All You Men Should Know ASAP

4 Things About Tie Care All You Men Should Know ASAP

A good necktie can bring a whole outfit together. From being part of a corporate ensemble when knotted all the way up and also worn casually when knotted loosely, a tie is a much-needed wardrobe essential. But forget styling, an important aspect is taking care of ties, so it doesn’t wear out soon or tatter.

Caring for a tie is not as simple as you think (believe us when we say that). You may be used to stuffing your tie in that drawer when your hectic day ends. Little are you aware of how important it is to take care of your tie from when it’s taken off. Right from untying to storing and cleaning it, we’ve got you a complete rundown on how to care for this noose ‘round your neck that is, in fact, the most flattering piece of your outfit.

Untying Done Right

After a long day at work, we know you can’t wait to get that ‘thing’ off your neck. We get you guys (like we always do). However, it is time to beat the urge of wanting to take it off. Instead, follow a few simple steps to ensure its long life and even longer usability. Don’t ever pull the thin-end through the knot unless you want to ruin the shape of your tie. Remove the tie in the exact steps opposite to how you put it on. Basically, you’ve got to untie it in reverse…you can thank us later.

Cleaning Your Tie

We know many of you are clumsy souls and we also know that some of you are quite the lazy ones. However, that is no reason to ensure that your tie doesn’t look spic-and-span at all times. If you do manage to get any grease on your expensive tie, the first step would be to avoid panicking. Always make sure you dab the stain using cold water and club soda. This prevents the stain from spreading and blotting. Once you’ve done that, apply talcum powder ASAP. Wait till you get home and send it directly to the laundry. We know many of you might wonder, is it even necessary to wash ties? The answer is yes. But our advise would be to refrain from doing it regularly, and ALWAYS send it to a laundry instead of handwashing it at home.

The Anti-Wrinkle Technique

We don’t know if you’re aware of this but you’ve got to de-wrinkle ties. Nothing is more off-putting than a suited man sporting an unruly wrinkled tie. Ironing maybe no trouble at all, but your tie should never be ironed directly on its surface. This can render the tie to lose its shape. You must always place a cloth in between the iron and the tie. Too much effort, is it? Well, worry not… we’re here to help (again). De-wrinkle your tie without using an iron (aha, that’s possible). All you’ve got to do is leave hot water running in the bathroom tub while you hang the tie on a hook in your bathroom for a few minutes.

Storing It

You may not be okay with spending too much money on your closet regularly, and we do know that ties are no small investment. So, looking after them should be priority. Contrary to popular practice of rolling it up, we suggest you hang ties. This ensures non-wrinkling and also helps straighten the creases out. Tie racks are inexpensive; that said you can hang your tie anywhere. Avoid keeping your ties in contact with direct sunlight (of course, not when they are ON you). Sunlight can get that tie fade sooner than usual.
WM Tip: Always make sure to carry your ties in a tie case when you’re off on long journeys.