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Easy Way To Redo Your Space To Create An Open Wardrobe

Easy Way To Redo Your Space To Create An Open Wardrobe

The one worry about being in Maximum City (or any other metro) is the lack of space. Forget the thought of finding an ideal den, sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got. We do know that’s more of a task for fashionistas. Because with the number of shoes and clothes you own, where’s the space to store it? And a well-organised closet is exactly what dreams are made of. But owning one is probably a dream too. While it may seem near to impossible to own a massive wardrobe, you don’t really need a lot of space to create a stylish closet for yourself. All you need is a spare corner in your room to create the closet you need. We’re talking about doubling up your room’s corner as an open wardrobe. Did you think that’s not possible? Well, it is! And it gets even better. If you’ve been a hoarder in the past and are looking to toss out stuff and reorganise, the open closet will help you create a capsule wardrobe. Here’s how you go about it!

 Curate And Style Right

Keep in mind that an open closet is all about visual merchandising. Imagine you’ve set up a store inside your bedroom. How would you want it to look like? Curate and style each and every piece that’s displayed — that’s the key to building an open closet.

 Personalise Your Space

Personalising and customising to suit one’s need is the next step. There’s nothing prettier than a closet which is neat and well organised. Experiment with garment racks and open clothing rails and hang some trendy items onto it. Have floating shelves against the wall to store your bags and shoes on them. You can also hang your scarves on a wooden ladder for a rustic feel. Utilise the rest of your space to store jewellery and make-up.

Jazz It Up

Add fairy lights, filament bulbs and unconventional lamps to light up your space. Tiny succulents, cosmetics, favourite novels and cameras can be displayed on the shelves. Likewise, any piece of art can be showcased as well. You could have a modern minimalistic closet, a rustic warm closet or a jazzy bright closet according to your likes.