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3 Simple Ways To Organise Any Man’s Closet

3 Simple Ways To Organise Any Man’s Closet

It’s rare to stumble upon a man whose got a spick and span wardrobe. You know like the one that reminds you of Ryan Gosling from Crazy Stupid Love? But well, let’s just come to terms with reality. Because most men’s closets either have clothes piled up one on top of the other or things just kept out of place. Men need closet organising tips as much as women do… in fact, sometimes even more. Which is exactly why, we’ve broken it down to 3 simple and cost-effective tips for you to implement in real time. So the next time you look at that pile of mess, take a deep breath and tackle the sartorial war zone like a pro!

It’s Time To Say Goodbye

You know that shirt gifted to you by your SO? The one you have been planning to wear SOMEDAY since a year now? Yes, that’s probably never going to happen. We don’t mean to sound discouraging but the point we are making is — if you haven’t worn it for a year, you are probably never going to wear it at all. The closet management mantra is ‘the less the better’. Have pieces in your wardrobe that are versatile and do away with clothes that you are done wearing or that’s just occupying an unwanted corner in your closet. Donate them instead and you will notice how your wardrobe and heart both flourish.

Organise By Category

We know it’s easy to differentiate between a vest and a polo shirt. But keeping the two in separate racks will only help lessen your burden. To put it broadly, separate your work wear and your casual wear. Organise clothes on the basis of their functionality. In case you don’t have enough racks in your closet, purchase cheap dividers to create a partition. Later, you can organise them on the basis of colour (keep solids separate from prints or graphic tees).

Get Hooked

Hooks on the door serve a great purpose to hang all the belts that are in your closet. It also creates additional space. You can even hang your following day’s outfit a night before and remove it from the hook the next morning. Trust us when we say this, your wardrobe won’t be displaced by an inch and you will also be good to go. These hooks are cheap and extremely functional. Also, this tip works great for men who have small closet spaces.