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‘Unmentionables’ Under Control—Washing, Storage and Travel

‘Unmentionables’ Under Control—Washing, Storage and Travel

As women, we tend to spend a good amount on our ‘intimates’. Did you know that your ‘intimates’ are actually called ‘delicates’? Well, they are and the obvious reason being that they are made from delicate materials because they end up being in closest proximity to your body. While you may have just thrown your underwear and bra into the washing machine or dumped them into your travel bag, let us tell you why caring for these delicates should be on your priority list.


Let’s start by talking about how you wash your intimates. The fast paced lives we live, dumping them in the washing machine or giving them to a maid (who can’t care less) is something we are used to doing however, it’s not the right thing to do. Don’t wash your bras too often (yes, you heard us) because this can affect the foam in the padded ones and tend to make the straps looser after every wash. Aside from always hand washing your delicates, do not put them in a dryer either as the extreme heat will render them thick or rough. The same rules apply for your panties too. Dry both your intimates away from direct sunlight. Hang your bras by the strap with fastened hooks to avoid tangling and hang your panties by the garter. Make sure to use delicate detergents to wash your delicates, preferably alcohol free.


Some of us arrange them in a lingerie bag in the drawer while some of us just stack them up in our cupboards. Make it a habit to hang your bras on padded hangers if space permits. If not, stack your bras one cup under the next and stack by material—silks with silks and cottons with cotton. You could also stack by utility. Use inexpensive draw dividers and segregate your intimates. Your panties should be stacked the same way too. Do so in a uniform way to avoid your bras, panties and camisoles from deforming. Your panties wear out faster (because of how often we may wear and change them in a day); sort them according to utility to ensure their long life. Make sure that the drawers that house your delicates are clean and avoid using any detergents to clean them so as to avoid stains on the stored intimates.


Lingerie is the first thing you should make place for in a bag, contrary to popular practice. Intimates can be a challenge to pack especially if you are used to traveling light. Make it a point to invest in a travel bag for your lingerie specifically. Always use separate travel bags for your bras and panties so that they are easy to access when you are on the go. A practical carrying case for bras is perfect for a short trip as they store around five bras in one case all stacked to perfection. Similarly, there are travel-panty storage solutions too. This way they stay in great shape and are easily accessible.

Cotton would the ideal pick—inside lining and outside—when it comes to choosing the correct fabric (especially during these drab summers) however, fabrics like silk and nylon suit well too. Remember to always choose a fabric that suits your skin and is soft on the body (comfort is key). Enjoy your lingerie apparel for a long time by keeping them washed and stored well. Perfect lingerie gives you a sexy silhouette and makes you a more confident you. Ladies, we bet you spend a lot more than you need to on your delicates and now you know how to look after those expensive pieces too! Happy to help.