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Would You Try The 4-In-1 Tee When You’re Travelling?

Would You Try The 4-In-1 Tee When You’re Travelling?

Come summer, and the one word we’ve all got on our minds is wanderlust! Because there’s nothing that a mini vacay can’t cure. We do know it’s the best therapy for those of us who are sweating it out in the hustle and bustle of the city. Be it a calming trip to the mountains or a plan to turn into the beach bum you actually are, we can’t stress enough on the joys of escape. Exactly why, we’ve planned this series called #WODROBescape, where we give you everything from tips, tricks and shopping ideas for when you’re off to your next destination. Read on, happy traveller!

Airport style is now the new street style, and that only proves one thing — travel chic is quite the deal for people RN. Nonetheless, if you converse with a frequent traveller, the one thing they’re bound to talk about is that the priority in style when one’s on the go is comfort. Be it when you’re on a road trip or when you’re off on a flight to your next destination, you’d always prefer packing light. That’d mean less clothes; basically versatile pieces that can easily be styled in more ways than one. And if you resonate with this idea, shall we say the sartorial Gods have now heard your prayer? Because Italian brand Uztzu has come up with a functional t-shirt that’s 4-in-1. You read that right! Titled the Q-Shirt, this new concept is about one shirt that can be worn in four different ways thanks to its unique quad-face design.

Talk about innovation in fashion, we’re so convinced about this style. Also, it’s made out of recycled plastic bottles using a proprietary technology. So not just eco-fashion, it’s also wardrobe optimisation FTW. We’re calling this the travel-friendly shirt…it’s wrinkle-free and odourproof as well as is made of stay-dry technology. What’s best is that it both for men and women and is created in multiple styles. While Uztzu is now selling across global stores and is priced at $120, the Kickstarter campaign gives it off at a discounted price.

We were surely impressed by this idea. But like we usually do, we scouted around to know what you guys think about this multi-functional shirt. The opinions varied… read on!

Would You Wear a 4 in 1 Tee_SmritiN_WodrobMag

Smriti Notani: It sounds like a genius hack for a lazy girl like me, so I’ll definitely try it. Besides, I’m quoting Samantha from Sex and the City here, “I’m a try-sexual, I’ll try anything once.” From a fashion point of view, I like my clothes and accessories to be versatile. So when a piece of clothing can do more than the average tee, sign me up!

Would You Wear a 4 in 1 Tee_AmritaKoshy_WodrobMag

Amritha Leela Koshy: I think it is a great concept for people who are always on the go. Also perfect for emergency situations when it comes to style. The fabric will be great for outdoor activities like trekking, I guess. I would definitely give this tee a try.

Would You Wear a 4 in 1 Tee_Abhi_WodrobMag

Abhideep Das: I will try it out. Especially in a city like Mumbai, anything that allow sweat to settle down is welcome. Also, I travel for work regularly and packing light is, again, a must!

Would You Wear a 4 in 1 Tee_Shalini_WodrobMag

Shalini Gupta Jaiswal: The concept sounds very new to me. I don’t think I will wear it because tees are not my style now. Also, it seems good for backpackers but for those who travel in style, one tee is not enough. Yes it can be targeted at gym-goers, trekkers, adventure sports, or those who go camping since it is odourproof. More than women, I think men will be interested in the tee, as it will save them money.

Would You Wear a 4 in 1 Tee_Vinay_WodrobMag

Vinay Mathew: This concept sounds pretty good to me. I’m all for a comfortable, dynamic, versatile and on-the-go tee. I travel a lot and the one thing I love is travelling light. It is a must-have for a backpacker. I would definitely like to try it unless it is way too expensive.