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Varun Bahl Talks About His India Couture Week 2017 Collection

Varun Bahl Talks About His India Couture Week 2017 Collection

The ongoing India Couture Week 2017 has seen an array of India’s best design talent displaying to cater to the sartorial sensibilities of the modern Indian bride. Amongst that list, one such couturier who is known to explore familiar elements over the years, thus making it his signature, is Varun Bahl. Known for his dreamy collections created from an assortment of inspirations across art styles, Bahl uses the floral motif and uber-feminine silhouettes throughout his bridal line. This time Bahl’s collection titled Dream Nouveau is inspired by the Art Nouveau period. We wanted to know what elements he’ll incorporate this time around and so we asked the designer himself. Excerpts from an interview…

1. Give us an overview of the inspiration behind Dream Nouveau.

The inspiration for this collection hails from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The curvy linear patterns, asymmetrical lines, floral and plant motifs reflect a heavy influence of the Czech artists Mucha Alphonse, whose works date back to the late 1800s. It is this artist who has deeply inspired this year’s couture collection.

(L-R) Varun Bahl, Couture creation by Varun Bahl

2. Your past collections, especially last year’s collection at India Couture Week (Vintage Garden) had baroque influences and heavy use of florals as well as pastel colours. This year too we see a similar colour palette and motifs. Safe to say it’s signature Varun Bahl?

Yes. True. According to me, pastel colours and intricate embroidery deeply enhance feminine beauty, which is the ultimate destination for a couturier. I believe these colours and designs truly help in recreating the true idea of subtlety and elegance that a woman carries with her through her personal sense of style.

Designs from Varun Bahl’s Dream Nouveau Collection

3. What are the fabrics primarily used for this collection?

We’ve worked with a lot of silk tulle, silk, georgette, felt, and tulle, all of which have been sourced from across India.

Varun Bahl’s Dream Nouveau collection

4. The modern bride has a need for a blend of timelessness and contemporary. How does your design bridge that gap?

Varun Bahl couture is a beacon of a substantial mix of classic and contemporary styles tailor-made for the woman of today. The traditional embroidery helps her stick to her roots, whereas the contemporary silhouettes and colour schemes embody and express her modernity.