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Wallets For Your Psyche

Wallets For Your Psyche

With Modi’s Demonetization act, all of a sudden lot of attention drifted towards Wallets. A man’s personality is not just judged by his wardrobe. The accessories that we carry along also do have a huge impact on our demeanour, especially Wallets. Remember when you are paying the bills, a lady would be much impressed by your wallet than the cash you’ll be pulling out. Wallets are one accessory that is so overlooked. Rarely do we observe that these wallets are also synonymous to one’s personality. Holding from currency to condoms, credit cards to almost expired coupons, your scrilla-vessel usually does the talking on your behalf. But how many know that subconsciously a lot of your personality is revealed through your type of wallet. So Wodrob, after a research came up with the kinds of wallet one, must carry with their personality.

#1 Urban Sophisticate

A suave man, who is particular about his looks, a city-slicker like Harvey Specter would be falling under this category. You like to impress the ladies or anyone for that matter with your slick debonair. You like the attention, yet you don’t wish to go over-the-top to hog limelight. You like things to be organised and being a klutz is your nightmare. So if you wish to steal the thunder at a party or in a meeting, then just remove your wallet from your breast pocket instead of your back. Cheque book wallets or card holders are your manna! These wallets don’t give you the bulge that Bi-folds will give neither they are complicated like tri-folds. In relevance of what a dandy usually prefers, less cash and more on credit cards and chequebook are what these wallets offer.

WM Tip: In case you work in a corporate setting like a Law firm or Business Company remember these are THE wallets you need to have to sway.

#2 Artsy Dude

If you like colours, designs & patterns then you belong to the world of Artsy! A blue-sky thinker, for whom creativity is the fuel. With this kind of inclination, you need wallets that are more of design based. Bi-fold wallets with patterns resonate your persona. Anything basic won’t whet your appetite. Wallets with designs and patterns also reverberate your subliminal self and is a prerequisite for your serenity. Many times due to your consumption into your artwork (which could be any form of art) you tend to forget your wallets so, a coin holder or pouch could save your day!

WM Tip: For someone like Painters or sculptors, musicians a coin holder can be the option or any wallet with more designs.

#3 Quirky

Anything that is mainstream bores you! Monotony is your nemesis, ergo you experiment. Mr. Quirky is someone who is out their outspoken, gregarious mingler and is often guilty of carrying eccentric kinds of stuff. Opera wallets or Money clippers are something that would live up to your zeal. These are wallets that not every other guy carries and sure a lot of eyebrows are going to raise. But isn’t that something you yen.

WM Tip: If you belong from a field of arts like Fashion Designing, without any further, saying replace your wallets with the recommended one.

#4 Adrenaline Junkie

Befikre’s Ranveer Singh is one who’ll fall in this category. If you are an adrenaline junkie who is wild enough to do things by instinct, then Zip-up wallet represents you. These types of wallet are made for someone who can do stuff impulsively whether it be having sex in the back of your car or going for an unplanned rafting/ climbing. Whatever you do, stuff in your wallet will be safeguarded with the zip.

WM Tip: If you are tour-guide or a philanderer, these wallets are the Must in your check-in list.

#5 Workaholic fella

Your willingness to be constantly working under high-pressure, rapidly approaching deadlines makes you a workaholic. A hard worker, who is always high on work & it is difficult for you to disengage from work. Amidst this, you have the least time to think about where to put your wallet, how to put your money, which slot to put cards, therefore, a men’s belt wallet or a Velcro nylon one would be your saving grace. These are wallets that you have to strain minimal on.

WM Tips: If you are working in a highly pressured field like a Photographer these wallets is the WM’s choice for you to pick up.

#6 The Wallflower

Are you the kind of guy who sits near the corner while others are dancing in a pub? If yes, then, you are what we call as a Wallflower. You enjoy your seclusion and anything loud doesn’t fit your bills. Basic bifold leather wallets keep up to your personality. Your family photo, some cash, and credit cards there’s enough space for a lot of things in this wallet which you usually carry. You both will complement each other like Sooraj Barjatya’s movies – Basic and Family oriented.

WM Tips: You are work as a professor or lecturer or a Doctor then these are the wallets you can carry.