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Wardrobe Struggles Every Big Busted Woman Goes Through, And How To Avoid Them

Wardrobe Struggles Every Big Busted Woman Goes Through, And How To Avoid Them

Being busty is blissful in its own way, but it also brings in many challenges. Planning the wardrobe can sometimes get really challenging. If you’re a female inside a D-cup, finding outfits that enunciate your figure yet not draw unwanted attention to your chest is a tough game.

However, understanding that every body type comes with its own pros and an equal amount of challenges, helps. What helps even more is identifying techniques that can help make your outfits flatter your figure. Recognizing and working around your body type plays a key role in aiding the bust issue.

Here’s help:

Let’s Talk Bras

Having a heavy chest and finding a bra that actually fits you can be one hell of a puzzle. Your bust and hips may be two different sizes, so shopping for a bikini set may get tricky. The good news, though, is that you get to pick out individual pieces, so go all out and play around to make it look as cute as ever. Pair a patterned bikini bra with bottoms in solid colour. But, be careful of the size of the print – too small or too large prints will make your top look even bigger.

The battle gets even tougher when shopping for bras – T-shirt bras would always be the first thing that occur to busty beauties, but these have enough padding to add up to the existing pile making your chest appear even bigger. Also, the snug fit of these bras may give you unflattering side boobs. So what do you do? To create an illusion, making your chest appear several sizes small, try wearing your non-padded lingerie with a matching inner over it. Doing this will ebb the seams of your bra and flab giving you a compact upper look.


Get the Right Necklines

When choosing a dress for yourself, neckline becomes crucial. Covering up with high rounded neckline like that of a turtle- neck top may seem like the best choice, but high necks are actually not your best friends. They end up attracting even more attention to the chest because of the snug fit. Halter necks too, do the same – they tend to make your chest appear even larger and fuller. Understandably, you must be shying away from low cut dresses, as one always has to be careful in those.  But, if you have a great bust, why not flaunt it? Showing some cleavage never harmed anyone. Besides, a V-neck gives the illusion of length instead, taking away attention from the width of the chest area. With this trick you can actually appear a few sizes smaller on the chest. Don’t worry, it would never look sleazy, if the neckline is cut just about upto two inches lower than usual, and the dress is well-fitted around the neck.

WM tip: In one line, the best necklines for you are – not-too-low-cut V-necks, diamond, asymmetrical, illusion, and off-shoulders. Another trick is, if you have a nice back, take attention away to it by instead wearing very low cut backs.


Set Stripes Right

Stripes are probably everyone’s favorite patterns. But you need to be a little careful about how you wear them. Avoid wearing fitted dresses or tops with stripes or any geometric patterns, as you could risk further emphasizing your chest.

WM tip: If you do wish to wear fitted outfits, be sure to choose vertical or diagonal striped dresses that can also make you appear taller. A good rule of thumb while wearing boxed or striped tops is to go in for easy fits – not too loose, not too snug.


Make Formals Fit

So, it’s always a struggle to fit in correctly into formal clothes? Avoid really fitted shirts, so they do not pull at the buttons and end up exposing your inner wear. If, however, you wish to wear fitted shirts, use darts to your advantage – so they’re well-fitted around your waist, but an easy fit around your chest.a scarf around your collar can also take attention away.

WM tip: During colder weather, layering can be your best friend – formal looking jackets, or blazers in vertical stripes would look great on you, creating an illusion of length.


Broaden Your Straps

Thin straps do two things – exaggerate the appearance of your bust, and not provide enough support. So, it is always advisable to go in for tops or dresses that have thicker straps. These will not only perfectly balance out the volume of your chest, but also allow you to wear bras with broader straps – the problem of support, solved! When wearing backless, pair up your outfit with matching bra that has replaceable straps.

WM tip: Opt in for fancy, broad straps with little diamante embellishments, for a classic evening look.


Grab ‘Em Chokers!

Long chains would always find place in your cleavage, making your big breasts even more obvious. So, it’s always a good idea to invest in chokars or neckpieces that are not too long. Cascading necklaces that fall pretty just a little above your bustline are a perfect choice. They’re generally beautiful and take attention away from your chest.

WM tip: Collar style necklaces might work out well with low cut tops, while cascading necklaces can work even with shirts.


Sling Your Bags Right

Sling bags or single strap cross-body bags can be a shoulder-boulder and a lot difficult to wear. These straps sit right in the cleavage and makes breasts look even more defined. So, instead, opt for handbags of a size big enough to balance your look out. Tote bags can be a great choice for busty women since they offer style, as well as comfort for your shoulders.

WM tip: If you’re really fond of sling bags, go in for lighter, small ones, with straps that are not too broad. Avoid adding too much weight into them, so the strap doesn’t press against your chest, defining your bust. Also, a good hack is to wear sling bags only when you’re wearing something like a denim jacket and dark tanks.


Get Those Dresses Looking Classy!

Afraid of the possibility of even the most modestly crafted dresses looking provocative? Fret not, with a little bit of styling, you’ll be looking glam and classy.

Firstly, dresses are a better choice than separates. The silhouette is crucial. Go in for A-lines or flared bottoms that balance out big breasts. Avoid fitted dresses in stretch fabrics, at least the thin ones that would make the size of your bust even more obvious. Fitted outfits in sturdy fabrics, on the other hand, will subdue the look – these are perfect for work wear.


Wodrob Magazine is against body image issues. We believe that every body is already beautiful, and that the right kind of styling only enhances one’s beauty.