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4 Insanely-Stylish Ways To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

4 Insanely-Stylish Ways To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

It started with stacked rings and arm parties with layered bracelets. And in no time, the layering trend caught up with necklaces as well. Layered necklaces are guaranteed to give you a boho look. Don’t know how to achieve a layered jewellery look, then fret not, girls… we’ve got some tips to help you out. We’ve compiled a few hacks that’ll help you figure how to layer jewellery like a pro.

 Space it out

Keep your jewellery apart by layering neckpieces of varying lengths in one go. This trick can make dissimilar styled neckpieces work together in a look. Begin with a choker or a metal collar and build it up by adding a fringed neckpiece; complete the layered look with a lariat.

 Stick to dainty pieces

Want to achieve a chic and delicate look? Keep accessories to a minimal. Avoid chunky necklaces and stick to dainty pendants and chains alone. You can opt for lettered chains, stone pendants, coin chains, and beaded chains while layering thin pieces together. Take this look to work as it involves subtle accessorising and leaves you looking elegant.

 Mix different metals

Remember the old fashion rules according to which you were to stay away from playing up and mixing gold, bronze, copper or silver together? Well, that doesn’t really matter now. You can definitely maintain the same metal layering look if you choose to. In case you’re up for something fresh, mixing metals is a great place to start. Not just metals, you can also experiment with different textures and fabrics in your jewellery. Try layering a lace choker with a short-length gold piece and add a silver body chain to it.

 More is MORE

Make a statement keeping in mind the ‘more is more’ mantra. Layer bold neckpieces together for a street style look. Turn heads at a party by stacking a bulky linked necklace with a heavy beaded number. The more diverse your layering gets, the better it is. You can even mix up dainty chains with heavier necklaces if you’re looking to go all out with the jewellery.