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4 Chic Ways To Repeat A Jumpsuit Without It Looking The Same

4 Chic Ways To Repeat A Jumpsuit Without It Looking The Same

The universal morning scenario for every woman around the world is standing in front of a full wardrobe thinking what to wear. We understand the dilemma. Which is why, at WODROB, our styling ideas are also about maximisation of the closet. That said, as far as one’s closet goes, if you’ve invested in a jumpsuit you will have saved yourself plenty of time. Why? Simply because it’s a no-brainer piece. You wear it, and that’s about it. A onesie takes away most of your effort in mixing and matching the top and bottom. The term versatility also fits in well when describing this outfit. One can sport a jumpsuit and style it anyway, keeping in the mind the occasion. But you thought there’s just one way to wear the jumpsuit? Well, we’ve got you four styling hacks that can definitely help you get the most out of your wardrobe (and your onesie). Keep scrolling to know how.

 Layer with a lightweight jacket

Add a jacket to your jumpsuit, keeping in mind the different trends. A denim jacket looks good on absolutely anything, and a black jumpsuit is no exception. A military jacket over a jumpsuit gives you a rather edgy vibe. You can also look a little formal by working a lightweight blazer with a culotte jumpsuit. Remember to opt for pumps or stilettos to give you an illusion of height.

Jumpsuit with a blazer
Pics: Les babioles de Zoé; Aayushi Bangur Sahu, Styledrive; Emily Ratajkowski, Pinterest

 You can cape it up

Elevate your outfit instantly by sporting a smart cape blazer over your shoulders. If you’re wearing a well-tailored jumpsuit along with a cape, you’ll land yourself a very chic and sophisticated outfit. Whereas if your jumpsuit is slightly flowy, the structured cape will balance the ensemble.

Jumpsuit with cape
Pics: Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere; Roxanne DSouza, Head2Heels; Wendy Nguyen, Wendy’s Lookbook

 Nothing says chic better than a belt

Cinch your waist with a belt for a contemporary take on the jumpsuit. Looking for something experimental? Try everything from a corset belt (our favourite style) to a fringed belt (like Ms Jenner) or a Cara Delevingne-alike bow belts. The belt will only flatter your figure.

Jumpsuit with a belt
Pics: Kylie Jenner, Instagram; Parineeti Chopra, Instagram; Cara Delevingne, Pinterest

 Work a gilet like a pro

On days when you’re headed out for a chill weekend getaway look, a gilet or a longline vest would be the perfect addition to your jumpsuit. Team it up with strappy slides for a comfortable look. Alternately, if you’re planning to wear this on a night-out, you can ditch the slippers and slide into sexy lace up heels.

Jumpsuit with gilet
Pics: Selena Gomez, Pinterest; Payal Singhal; Pam Hetlinger, The Girl From Panama

Remember to always take a fresh and unique approach every time. Accessorise your jumpsuit differently to make it look like a new outfit, so you can never say “I have nothing to wear”.