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4 Looks That Will Ensure You Don’t Give Up Your Kimono Jacket Already

4 Looks That Will Ensure You Don’t Give Up Your Kimono Jacket Already

Kimono jackets have been around for a while and they’re not going anywhere in 2018. You might be tempted to say New Year, New Me, but don’t throw your kimono jackets out yet because we’re about to remind you of its versatility. These are a must have in every fashion-savvy woman’s wardrobe for a very simple reason: they’re comfortable, and can effortlessly take any outfit from zero to ten. Wondering how to style this piece? Here are four ways to stay cozy and look stylish in a kimono jacket.

Not so basic

Caught up in the monotony of classic blue jeans and a white tee? Layer it up with a bold kimono jacket, and enunciate your waist with a fanny pack or a belt. Complete your look with a pair of sneakers.This outfit is not just super stylish but also extremely comfortable as well as versatile.Got a long tiring day ahead of you? Beat the blues in style.

Style your kimono jacket in a not-so-basic way
Pics: Gilda Ambrosio/Pinterest; Pinterest; Giorgia Tordini/Pinterest

Dress it up

If you’re feeling too lazy to layer, wear your kimono as a dress and pair it with a handbag and stilettos.The only way to pull this look off is by paying attention to the details. Make sure your belt goes with the print on your kimono and that your bracelets and rings are meticulously chosen.

Wear your kimono jacket as a dress
Pics: Lisa Olsson/Instagram; Gucci Spring Summer 2016/Pinterest; Georgia May Jagger/Pinterest

To layer is key

If you’re bored of your plain summer dress, we suggest you wear a kimono over it. Going for a date at night? Layer a slip dress with a kimono jacket, a pair of dainty pumps and a small bag to leave your date speechless. To maintain balance, make sure that your dress and kimono aren’t both too in-the-face. Go for a minimal dress if your kimono is bold, and vice versa.

Layer your basic dress with a kimono jacket
Pics: Pinterest; Pinterest; Margot Robbie/Pinterest


Wear a kimono with matching bottoms as a part of two-piece ensemble. You can also wear it over a jumpsuit and pair it with a crossbody bag. Sport a pair of cat-eye sunglasses to look super stylish and well put-together.

Wear your kimono jacket with a jumpsuit
Pics: Pinterest; Laura Noltemeyer/Pinterest; Pinterest