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5 Uber-Cool Wearable Tech You Need To Know About RN

5 Uber-Cool Wearable Tech You Need To Know About RN

A couple of years ago, correlating fashion with technology was limited to the glowing LED lights on shoes or perhaps outfits. Today, the market for wearable technology stands at a staggering 15.74 billion USD and the numbers only show the road ahead. Wearing tech gadgets is not about big chunks of wires attached to you. In fact, a lot of credit goes to the companies making these products. Be it the Apple watch or the Fitbit band, these are now seen as fashionable commodities one can adorn with their outfits. Other than the mega giants, there are several companies coming up with new and innovative wearable technology every single day. There’s a growing market for such products. Which is why we thought we’ll acquaint you with 5 wearable tech gadgets you should know about.

Cuir Ally’s VOYAGER

Labelled the world’s most functional smart wallet, it takes your regular wallet for a spin. Showing us the future of wallets, the Voyager smart wallet comes with a smart chip that lets you sync in with your phone. That said, this is just one of the several other key features. In case you leave your wallet behind or it gets stolen, the wallet notifies your phone about the same. Apart from having a slot for a pen, your passport, and even your sim card holder, it even lets you take a selfie.

5 Uber-Cool Wearable Tech You Need To Know About RN Wallet


In recent times, fitness bands have more or less replaced your gym instructors in a way we would have never imagined. Actofit is a fitness tracker that optimises your workout like never before. Its key features include advanced motion tracking to identify gym exercises, count reps, evaluate form, measured heart rate, calories burned and more. A step ahead of other trackers, it basically tracks your workout and not just your steps.

5 Uber-Cool Wearable Tech You Need To Know About RN Watch

Project Jacquard

Going by the name ‘Technology woven in’ Project Jacquard is more than just a product. It is a revolutionary step on how we will be weaving clothes in the near future.  Putting it in simpler words, the project aims to produce objects like clothes and furniture that can be transformed into interactive surfaces. All this will be made possible using conductive yarns where touch and gesture-sensitive areas can be woven at precise locations, anywhere on the textile. Designers in the future can use it as any fabric and add new layers of functionality to their designs without having to learn about electronics.

5 Uber-Cool Wearable Tech You Need To Know About RN Textiles


A sports bra connecting body signals to the digital world? Yes, we haven’t just left our imaginations loose. This Smart Bra combines heart rate and breathing to get a deeper, more accurate, and personalised view of the body. From monitoring energy levels to preventing medical emergencies, it offers real-time solutions and can even prevent injuries. In case you have any doubts left, we can vouch for its stylish design that makes it look like any other sports bra in the market but is obviously smarter.

5 Uber-Cool Wearable Tech You Need To Know About RN Bra

Mezzi Handbags

Seen in every woman’s closet, a handbag remains an essential accessory to own. It only gets better if your handbag does more than just accommodating items. Imagine a bag that can charge your phone, is embedded with Bluetooth speakers, notifies you about calls and messages, and even has an inbuilt light to help you locate stuff. We did not just make that up as Mezzi handbags do exactly that and come in sleek designs as well as colours to choose from. Given the features, it’s probably the only bag a woman would want to own.

5 Uber-Cool Wearable Tech You Need To Know About RN Bag