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What To Buy #Earrings

What To Buy #Earrings

When you think of accessories, the first thing that comes to our mind is a pair of earrings. Women across age groups love having their lobes jewelled. Be it ethnic, boho, chic or just plain simple studs, earrings have the power to uplift your aura and persona. But, to choose that perfect pair according to the shape of your face and the length of your neck can be a little tricky. We at WODROB, are here to answer your  ‘what to buy’ question.

The Long And Short Of It

Women with oval, square or round faces should opt for long danglers and drop earrings as these earrings help you elongate your face and give it a balanced look.
WM Tip:  If you have a rectangle face opt for small length earrings which have angular drops, as it adds balance to your face.


Wider chandeliers suit best longer faces and those with narrower chins. Also, it takes away the focus from your long neck and adds to the structure of your face.
WM Tip: Because chandelier (as the name suggests) have volume and are concentrated at the lower end, avoid them if you have rectangle face or broad chin.


Hoops are the best bet to give that smooth angular shape to your face. Be it oval or rectangle or square faces, hoops balance the shape well.
WM Tip:  If you have a round face and you love hoops, don’t hesitate. Instead just go for half loops, which end half way and give your face an elongated look.


For an everyday use, studs remain the first choice for many. They are fuss free and go well with all face shapes. A large angular stud gives a balanced shape to your round face and at the same time, small curvy studs add that much-needed softness to your otherwise rectangle face.
WM Tip: You can wear studs in all colours and sizes and at various occasions.

Next time you decide to buy a pair of earrings, make sure to balance it out with your outfit and other accessories. If you want your earrings to be the star of your look, keep the outfit subtle and avoid wearing heavy neck pieces.