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What To Buy #Intimates

What To Buy #Intimates

It comes as no surprise how the Indian media put our celebrities to shame if they’ve been caught on camera in wardrobe ‘malfunctions’, essentially being undergarment faux-pas. You may not be in the limelight at all times but, that makes for no excuse to commit lingerie blunders. We are dedicated to help you solve those minute mistakes that can take your outfit from fab to drab. Read on to shop for the correct lingerie-type in the near future.

Bra Bloopers

You’ll be surprised how the right bra an make or break an outfit. The correct bra can transform a shapeless silhouette into a clean and sexy one too. From a smooth look to casual flattering ones, your bra is your best friend and we help you to choose the correct one.

With straps

Choose demi cups, they have less upper breast coverage and are ideal when wanting underwire bras as the wire in the demi cup bras are shorter and wont poke your arms.  Lined-cupped bras give opaqueness to your breasts and more support than your full-cupped bras. For those on the bigger side, minimize cups are idea as they give the illusion of a smaller size. Other than the ones already mentioned padded, petite, push up and contour bras make for best choices for any woman seeking a sculpted silhouette. Also, if you think your transparent straps are ‘invisible’ then your highly mistake. Transparent straps are a definite no-no.
WM Tip: Keep in mind that the bigger the size of the bra the thicker the straps get. Choose wisely.

Without Straps

Strapless push-ups are ideal when wearing evening dresses. They uplift your chest (in the literal sense) and help add that extra oomph. Invest in silicons or double stick tape to keep a strapless top going strong. Use stick-on cups for deep neck dresses and choose a seamless strapless bra for those boat neck gowns. The next time you’re trying on a strapless bra, jump twice and check for fit (we’re serious).  For the heavy-chested, choose the silicon stick-ons with adjustable strings.
WM Tip: It’s important to choose the correct size when it comes to strapless bras. If you don’t they could fall off or make your breast appear sloppy and flat. Ladies beware.

Bralets And Corsets

Remember to pick bralets with a a thick under-band if you are going to wear it as a top. Bralets and corsets are usually unlined and wireless and easy to pull on, over your head. They are bodycon and tricky to pull-off however they make for great tops during the summers and help show off that toned midriff. They come in various shapes and sizes with wire and no underwire too.
WM Tip: Bralets and corsets are great for those with smaller sizes as they help enhance your chest and its features.


The straps of these bras are completely adjustable and configure to your requirements depending on your outfit. The straps can either be crisscrossed, made on-shoulder, strapless, front-crossed and many other ways to suit your body-type and outfits needs. There are two main types, one is where the bra strap hooks into the bottom of the bra and goes across your stomach to pull the back of the bra down while the other is when you can use the straps in halters or when you want to flaunt your shoulders.
WM Tip: This bra makes for a perfect travel bra as it can be used in several permutations. When buying a convertible, an added advantage would be if it gave you a low-back option too. Buy what suits your needs best.

The Panty Pickle

It can be quite daunting to pair the correct underwear with the appropriate outfit. Be it pants or dresses, the correct choice in panties is very important. The wrong choice can end up making you look shoddy and sometimes even vulgar. The below list will cover all you need to know about your undies.


This one is your daily go-to. It sits on the hip and is a comfortable style for everyday wear. The hipster too is a perfect choice when it comes to daily wear. They have easy-to-wear cuts and give a moderate coverage. Fabrics like cotton and silk make them ideal choices. They can be worn under denims, skirts and A-line dresses. Other than these, briefs, frnch-cut panties and control briefs make good options too depending on your outfit.
WM Tip: The Bikini is a universal flattering shape, perfect for any body-type and any size too.

Invisible Boy Shorts And The High Waisted Panty

Everybody should own a pair of these. They are essentials and are easy-to-wear. They even come in seamless cuts which make them ideal to wear under bodycon dresses or tight-fitted pants. Seamless high-waisted briefs too make for perfect choices under delicate materials like silk and satin and help hold those bulgy stomachs in place.
WM Tip: These can be worn as pajamas and loungewear too.


This underwear is perfect if you are contemplating going commando. We understand how tight those pants or dresses can be and the G-string makes for the perfect solution under these outfits. They give you a smooth and seamless look too.
WM Tip: Choosing the right size and material is key as they can cause discomfort to many because of uncommon shape and fit.