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What To Buy #Pants

What To Buy #Pants

It was in the early twenties that women started donning trousers. At the end of the first world war, many women started working in industries making them opt for clothing which were easier to move around in. So, they decided to slip into their husbands clothes. Today, it is no longer a piece of ‘masculine clothing’ and is part of every girl’s closet. Pants are a broad category and picking the right pair can get tricky and we’re here to help.

Basics First

Lets  emphasise on the essentials. The first pair of pants that you should purchase are plain black, white and beige pants. Black and white pants can be worn with any coloured blouses and tops. Black on black and white on white are totally do-able too. Beige can also be paired with most colours except beige itself.

How High Should You Get

From formals to casuals, high waist is trending. While buying a high waisted pair of pants, keep in mind how the front looks. Attention goes on the abdomen first as these cover three quarters of your body, so choose one that fits your style. Zippers, buttons, double belt, frills, there are many options to choose from. Buying pants that start atleast an inch below your bra line would be good, you don’t want them to resemble an empire line, right. These pants accentuate your legs, making you look taller. It is all about longevity so while layering, keep your over coats and shrugs long too. Short jackets will create unappealing breaks in your look. Also avoid wearing bulky tops or tops with large frill elements as they create an imbalance in the body shape. If you’re wearing them with loose shirts and tops, then keep them tucked in. Crop tops are the easiest to pair with high waisted pants.

WM tip: For the apple body type, go for a side zip, the plain front will reduce the attention on that area. Pear body shapes should be very careful as these pants put your hips and legs in the spotlight hence, go for pinstripes and bottom flared styles to flatter you.

Where To Terminate

Where should my pant end, we’ve wondered, haven’t we? Pants that extend below the ankle are a safe play (make sure they’re not sweeping the ground under you). They can be paired with most types of blouses and shirts depending on their style and colour. Ankle length is the rage now.  Cropped pants, ones that end above the ankle, are the trickiest to pair. They are a no-no when it comes to corporate events or events that require formal dressing. They have an air of care-freeness about them. Cropped pants make you look shorter and broader, so choose accordingly. If you have a great pair of bulky sandals, cropped pants will help you make a statement with them. The longer your pant extends, the taller you look.
WM Tip: When your pant is cropped, don’t crop your jacket.

Tear Them Up

As kids we were scolded at for ripping our jeans, well not any more. If ripped jeans trend any longer, they are sure to become a classic. Rips come in different types and sizes so style accordingly. You could go for a neat and narrow horizontal slit strategically placed on plain coloured denims creating a break in your outfit, literally. A little messier would be when the rip is broader and all the white threads inside are visible but neatly aligned. Then comes the messiest when it looks like you’ve just survived a bike accident. The rips are broad while a few white threads hang around in a disoriented fashion and the sides are completely fringed. Finally comes the baby rip which are the small scrapes and fringed fabric. If the rips are big and many, try keeping your top minimal. Buy pants with rips in odd numbers.
WM Tip: Also try pants with cutouts and patches in a different colours.

The Final Fit

The fit of the hem can alter your look drastically. It can go from skin fit to as wide as wide as you like. So, lets stick to the simple straight and narrower fits for now. Straight fits look the best on pear and hour glass figures as it balances the heavy hips. Bulky tops complement narrower fits. Keep in mind that if your narrow hemmed pants are longer than your leg, then they will gather at the ankles, a style so outdated that you better get them altered soon. Rolling up your pants looks great too.