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What To Buy #Shoes

What To Buy #Shoes

‘I think I don’t need more shoes’ said no one ever! You can never have too many shoes. While buying footwear to complement your outfit may be the main criteria, however, there are other things to consider while buying the perfect pair. Footwear comes in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Here’s what you need to remember while buying them.

Size Matters

Did you know that your shoe size may vary depending on the structure of the footwear that you plan on purchasing? The way we test-drive cars, the same applies to footwear. It is important to try on every shoe and take a few steps in it before purchasing it. If your shoes are too tight then they can cause blisters and shoe bites. Also, keeping your feet cramped up for long hours can cause heat in your body. Of course, buying the perfect fit should be on priority but if your size isn’t available, choosing a slightly bigger pair. Remember though, that bigger shoes have less grip and you might end up tripping all over them. Worry not, a lot of size correctors are available to tackle the problem. An insole or a thick pair of socks is the easiest option. Smaller cushioned pads and heel straps are also available to increase your grip. In case of sling backs, lace up and other adjustable sandals, a size larger should be no issue at all.


The shoes you wear for the longest period of time should be of breathable materials which include all ‘fabric’ based footwear. Rubber and similar materials restrict the flow of air and should not be worn for long hours unless they have an open-back or are open-toed like sliders and strappy sandals. It’s not just the material on the outside to worry about but the inner material matters too.  Look for any kind of projections on the inside that might cause irritation. In case you have flat feet, you should wear thick soled footwear and avoid thin soled ones like canvas shoes and belles. The cushioning will provide the required balance to your feet. Pointed footwear can be quite painful and should be avoided if your feet are wide. Everyone has toes of different lengths, for those with the index toe longer than the rest, they should avoid peep-toed shoes because your index toe is sure too ‘peep’ out a little too much then.


You may own dozens of pairs of shoes but your collection isn’t complete without these.