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Please! Chuck These Wardrobe Pieces STAT For A Tidy Closet

Please! Chuck These Wardrobe Pieces STAT For A Tidy Closet

Is your closet about to explode with all the items it has been stuffed with? Well, that’s your cue to try your hands on the cleaning deed. Before you begin cleaning out your closet for real, we suggest you work out a plan. You’ll need to take into consideration all the factors ranging from the closet space to other storage options. That said if you have the least idea on how to go about and conquer this task… WODROB can help you manage your closet. Keep reading to find out the THREE wardrobe pieces you do not need. These are ones that you can toss straight outta that window!

Clothes that don’t suit your persona

Wanted to have the latest trending garments and instantly scooped it at the retail store without thinking whether you’ll really ever wear them or not? We know the deal. And we also know that these clothes will be lying with the tags on for a few hundred years before you cringe at the sight of them. No brownie points for guessing that you need to toss these out of your closet and out of your life as well. Simply so because you’re pretty sure that they don’t match your personal style and don’t really complement your persona.

Clothes that don’t fit you

This one is a no-brainer! We tend to hold on to our favourite things irrespective of the fact that they’re uncomfortable or don’t fit us anymore. Those skinny jeans have gotten tighter after you put on a couple of pounds and are on the verge of ripping it off in the wrong places if you dare you to wear it. That gorgeous one piece you bought ages ago but now if you try it (after shedding some weight), looks like you’re wearing loads of fabric onto yourself. Get rid of those asap!

Clothes that are outdated in style

Fashion is cyclical, but no you don’t need to hoard outdated trends for the future. Those pieces probably won’t last all that time. Unless it’s an heirloom that you can’t let go of, only then must it find a place in your closet. Otherwise, it makes no sense to hold onto garments or accessories that are of no value to you and are just taking up a lot of space in your wardrobe.