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Sartorial Tips For Those Attending A Wellness Party Like Grand MagicRise

Sartorial Tips For Those Attending A Wellness Party Like Grand MagicRise

To call athleisure a recent trend would actually be a bit underwhelming considering the stir it has caused in the fashion world. It’s rare and only happens once in a while that something that speaks comfort and not necessarily glorifies impractical silhouettes turns out to be the biggest trend to adopt. With that comes the acceptability that your gym outfit works equally well in other settings, and we couldn’t agree more. With the hectic schedules lined up, one errand leads to another and it is not practical to change outfits all day long. In India, athleisure has recently gained importance with people paying attention to what to wear for their workout.
Giving fitness another definition is MagicRise with their ‘Wellness Parties’. Before the idea gets you confused, a wellness party is a fun take on your otherwise monotonous workout and includes a series of mixed workouts with yoga, Zumba as well as Bollywood dancing. Founder of MagicRise Rakhee Mehta describes it to be a party for the early risers looking to better their well being. If the idea of it all excites you, we hope you’ve decided to join in tomorrow July 23, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at AER Bar & Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel, Worli. Read along as we tell you three things to remember while attending this event and also give you fun outfits to wear to your next wellness party.

Pic Credit: Grand MagicRise

Comfort is key

There’s no denying that it is important to stay comfortable when working out. Coming straight from the expert itself, Rakhee says, “To me, staying comfortable is as important as making a statement with my ensemble. It’s fun to mix and match and play around with your workout gear. The trick is to make a graceful mark and also stay comfortable. Personally, I prefer soft yoga pants. There is no dress code and all you have got to do is show up in a pair of sports shoes.”

Know your fabric

Picking out the right material is the most important aspect than deciding what to wear. You want to be sweating it out in the right fabric, one that possesses absorbent qualities as well. Rakhee’s personal style is a lot inspired by her love for travelling and discovering new destinations.  For Rakhee her personal favourite brand Lululemon Athletica is what she feels most comfortable and stylish in. She also avoids nylon as a fabric and generally opts for lycra blends instead. Wearable tech like the Fitbit bands is also extremely helpful in tracking those steps.

Seek inspiration from the outdoor

Talk a walk out as inspiration lies all around you. Explore and experiment to the maximum and you are sure to learn a lot from it too. The concept of wellness parties evolved with Rakhee discovering that people often miss out the beauty that surrounds them and lead a monotonous life. Such parties are a remembrance that in the midst of a hectic life we ought to take some time out and discover all there is to see.

What to wear to MagicRise


If you’re one of those who is looking out to stay both stylish and comfortable while working out, well we’ve got you covered. Opt for a pair of drawstring shorts or joggers in a workout-friendly material that also has QuickDry technology. Team it up with a tee, a wrist band and shoes with a pair of socks. We suggest you go for wearable tech as well and don’t forget the duffel bag to carry essentials like a towel, a bottle of water and more.

Adidas Tee | Performax Shorts | Nike SocksNike Shoes | Puma Bag | Nike Wrist Band | Apple Watch


Workout wear has become more fashionable than ever thanks to celebs like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Deepika Padukone and others. Pair up a sleek sports bra with tights that you can team up with sports shoes.  As part of your fitness accessory, wear a Fitbit wristband. You can opt for a visor too that will be an add-on to this look and also protect you from the sun’s harmful rays when outdoor. And obviously, the duffle bag that will be a carryall for your essentials.

Adidas Sports Bra | Nike Tights | Fitbit Wristband | Forever 21 Visor | HRX Shoes |Koovs Duffle Bag