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3 Interview Outfits That Will Surely Get You Hired STAT

3 Interview Outfits That Will Surely Get You Hired STAT

Job interviews are highly nerve-racking. Even from a sartorial POV, your interview attire obviously calls in for a lot of pressure. You obviously want to crack that interview in the first go. And that can be done if you make the right outfit choice. Your interview ensemble definitely helps your prospective employer gauge what you’re like (first impressions, you see). While dress codes differ for every organisation, and corporate dressing ought to be traditional, it just doesn’t have to be boring. Your outfit can always embody your personal sense of style and be professional at the same time. Want a cue how to attain both? Read on to know WODROB’s top three looks that will not just help you ace your interview but also help you keep it stylish.

Statement Dress

Gone are the days when a suit was the universal standard when going for an interview. A well-fitting, belted dress in an A-line silhouette is a piece we vouch for. We stress on the term well-fitting as that is key here. Make sure your hemline is appropriate. All you need to style this dress is a pair of pointed heels and sophisticated studs.

Pic Credit: Pinterest, Miss Style Fiesta

Wide-Legged Pants

Comfort in clothing is a must, no matter what your attire or the occasion. Also, worrying about an ill-fitting trouser or a shirt with sweat patches is the last thing you need when you’re going for an interview. Wide-legged trousers in a dark hue are perfect for that corporate interview or even for a creative one. This look works for almost every body type. We suggest you pair it up with a shirt and solid pumps. You can even work these pants with a crew neck sweater or a sleek knotted blouse.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

A Pantsuit

A timeless classic like the pantsuit is an all-time favourite and extremely diverse no matter what the season. There is no ideal pantsuit as you can always amp up the colours and style. While we love the 70s vibe that’s going on thanks to high waist pants and statement blazers, we don’t mind the traditional one either. If you’re going in for a strictly formal interview we suggest you keep the look to a crisp shirt (stripes or solids) and trendy closed-toed flats. However, if your job sparks creativity (like ours) and casual isn’t unheard of in the dressing department, you can switch it up with a dark pair of brogues.

Pic Credit: Pinterest, Style Drive