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WODROB’s 4 Easy Steps To Finding Out Your Personal Style

WODROB’s 4 Easy Steps To Finding Out Your Personal Style

We aren’t doubtful that most of you know exactly what to wear and what not to. However, it is unfair to generalise. While you may love dressing up and styling yourself, there are some of you who may not be sure of what your personal style is. Aren’t we right? We know we are.

Have you ever thought of how one defines their personal style? And how do you determine what your style may be? Also, why do you think it is important to understand your personal style? One basic principle Team WODROB follows is: If you don’t believe in it, just don’t wear it. You’ve got to be sure of what you like, what your sartorial taste is, and what you do to achieve the final look just so you love what you see! What’s the point of spending an entire day at work or a night out with your friends wearing something you may not even like or be comfortable in. Finding your personal style will not just help boost confidence but also correct your demeanour and attitude. Too much is it? Worry not! We’ll break it down for you. Browse through four easy steps that’ll help you determine your personal style.

Evaluate Your Closet

Take a close look at your closet. If you see things you may not like then we suggest it is time you get rid of it. In case you’re happy with your wardrobe and can slot the contents in the ‘I’ll wear it someday’ space, that’s a great start. In fact, check the contents in your closet thoroughly to see what your persona is: Are you a boho dresser or is casual chic your style? Do you like androgynous clothing or are you uber-feminine? You must note that style evolves with age. A good time to do a closet evaluation is at that interim between college and work or even between work and retirement. What you once wore to college may not be appropriate anymore and it’ll need some change. This is when you need to redo your closet. It’ll only give you more scope to buy things you actually need and will wear.

Seek Inspiration

When we say seek inspiration, we don’t mean copy a look to the ‘T’. Today, everyone is giving out fashion and styling advice and if that’s not what interests you then you can always take inspo from celebrities and designers. In case that isn’t your thing either, there are apps like WODROB that help you determine your personal style. However, while we are talking about inspiration, it is never a bad idea to see what’s trending and then figure out whether you like or not. A good way to do this would be to get inspired by others and finally make a choice as to whether you are comfortable with the look. What are you waiting for? Start following those Instagram and Facebook accounts already and get cracking on this NOW!

Understand Your Body

Personal style isn’t all about how you feel emotionally. It is also about how you evaluate your body type. You don’t want to wear something you’re uncomfortable in, do you? Understanding your body structure and its shape is key. Whether you have a pear-like figure like most Indian women or are an hourglass or are just thin or curvaceous, you need to figure what YOU think looks great on you and shop accordingly. Once you have a good understanding of your body shape and have identified its positives and negatives, styling yourself will be much easier.

Size Matters But Confidence Matters More

You know where you are in life and are also aware of what looks good or bad on you, right? Now let’s get to what YOU are most comfortable sporting — confidence. This step is about self-evaluation. Am I okay with trying something too short? Do I like my shoulders bare? Are my sky-high heels hurting me? Am I a sneakers over heels kinda girl? Do I prefer denim over a dress? It is important to answer these questions honestly. At the end of it, you’ll have a better understanding of what your personal style actually is.

We’re curious to know more about your personal style! So tell us. Comment at @wodrob on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.