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Your Fashion Uniform For The New Year

Your Fashion Uniform For The New Year

Welcome to 2017! We hope it’s going to be a beautiful year and like any other year,  it deserves the best of beginnings. So how do you go about giving it a good start? Easy! You step out in your fashionable best. Feeling good has a lot to do with our own perception of looking good, and we at WODROB understand that everybody has their own version of style and fashion. We’re all different people, so why shouldn’t our outfits reflect that?

The WODROB team has chosen for you the colour of this new year – Green and paired it with the new rage of the season – Leather Pants. And what do you get when you mingle a hot new colour with what’s always been sexy? Three gorgeous outfits for each gender, that’s what! So keep reading, lay claim on the outfit that suits your personality best, and start the new year looking your gorgeous best!

The Business Casual Girl

For this look, opt for a cool green blazer that adds authority and the air of professionalism to your look, while still making you look approachable. This look can also be carried off to a night out with your girls after office – it’s casual at the same and that’s why it works. While choosing a blazer, make sure it suits your body type and it’ll become your staple in no time.

If you have a straight shape, choose a blazer that nips in at the waist to create the illusion of curves and an hourglass figure. If you’re a pear shaped girl, you might want more attention on your upper body so pick something that ends just above your hips or falls just below your hip line. This will take away notice from your hip area. If you’re apple shaped, a lighter fabric that falls just below your hips is a good idea as that won’t make you look the pants and blazer with basic black pumps (you can opt for wedges if they’re more comfortable for office-wear), a classic white shirt underneath and a solid black tote bag.

The Dark, Edgy and Diabolic Man

This look embraces edginess and rawness. So if that’s what your personality is like, we at WODROB have you sorted. Choose a full-sleeved green henley, pair it with a leather jacket (ones with side chains and V-collars are really in right now) and straight-cut leather pants. The leather on leather will be contrasted by the green and you can accessorise with a watch that has a bigger dial and military boots.edgy-men

You can experiment with different looks of leather jackets. If you’re on the skinny side, the military leather jacket with an elasticized waist that cinches below the gut and emphasizes your shoulders is a good idea. If you want a little more ‘edge’ in your look, opt for a hooded leather jacket.

The Fashionista

You know you’re a game changer so kick it up a notch and use green in your jackets and cardigans. It is winter so opt for one that is warm or knitted. Wear a black bralette or lace crop top underneath with your leather pants and heeled boots. When it comes to boots, you can experiment with all kinds. A thigh-high would also look great. Accessorise with a cross-body bag.fashionista

With this almost all-black look, it’s important that you choose the right shade of green and the right fit that contrasts well with your bralette. If you have wider hips, a longer drape might be something you can try. An asymmetrical hem is always more flattering than a straight line that cuts right across your thighs.

WM Tip: If you have a large bust, the V-neck should be your best friend. The diagonal lines give a slimming illusion and since the buttons start lower, there’s nothing pulling on your chest.

Duty Call

This is for the man who sports his work-wear around all the time. A printed green shirt and leather pants is a great look. You can customize this however you like, as long as you make sure the pants fit you right. For shoes, you can choose from anything between basic slip-ons to oxfords to formal leather shoes. You can choose a chunky watch or spectacles to accessorise and carry a cool tan leather messenger bag that will complete the it comes to shirts, you have a lot of freedom from choice of collar to fit to length and so on and so forth. But make sure you’re choosing the shirt based on your body type. For example, if your chest and shoulders are wider than your waist and hips, try opting for slim-fit shirts that’ll accentuate your highlight areas without screaming for attention. If you have a more rectangular shape and are tall and thin, printed shirts or shirts with horizontal stripes are definitely your bud.

The Snazzy Sporty

Imagine this – A solid green turtleneck with high-waisted leather pants. Your favourite slip-on shoes or converse and a back-pack. Sounds like the stuff that dreams are made of, right?

A three-fourth sleeved turtleneck looks really classy, and since it’s only one colour, you can pair it with any neckpiece of your liking. A long-chained pendant looks best. When it comes to leather pants, make sure you get one that fits well. Since there are no patterns or prints in this look, you can go all out with the shoes. From stripes to patches or just plain sporty – you have free reign.  A chunky backpack that reflects your personality is a must-have for this look.sportyWM Tip: If you have the inverted triangle shape, you’ve struck gold with this look! Since you have naturally wider shoulders and green is a bright colour, the turtleneck makes them look even more appealing visually.

The Sporty Slayer

For this look, keep it simple. A nice basic green tee with a baseball cap, sports shoes and leather pants – the basic mantra for looking your fashionable best on field and off it. But while it is very simple to get right, it’s also important to make sure you get the right kind of t-shirt.sporty-menPrinted and graphic t-shirts are very in right now, so you can definitely experiment with those. If you’re larger around the waist and hips, Team WODROB suggests opting for vertical stripes and brighter shades of green to draw attention to your narrower upper torso. Crew neck t-shirts are also a great idea for this body-type.

We guess it’s time to upgrade your closet.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Stylish New Year!