9 Colours Of Navratri: Wear Them Right, Make A Statement

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The week-and-a-half long festivities are beginning, and we’re all geared up for, if not the dandiya and garba nights, at least the celebrations in corporate offices. Some of us wear the colours of Navratri with utmost zest, we shop for new clothes for these nine days. It’s truly amazing to enter a local train compartment and see almost everyone else dressed in the same colours as our own selves – there is a certain sense of belonging that we experience during these days. A lot of us actually don’t delve into the significance of the festival as much as we don the colours through the 9 days, just to experience that sense of belonging to one fraternity.

Some of us go all out and are head-to-toe dressed in the colour of the day, while some of us, like to just add in a hint of that colour to our everyday outfits.

We were curious, so we asked a bunch of people how they’d wear the 9 colours of Navratri. Here’s what we found out:



The colour for October 1, i.e. Pratipada, is grey.

The Right Shade For You:

Greys look good on everyone, irrespective of their skin tone or body type. So, whether you pick a darker shade or a lighter one, it really doesn’t matter. The good thing is, as boring as grey may appear by itself, pairing it tastefully can result in some of the most appealing colour combinations.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-01


The colour for October 2, i.e.Pratipada, is orange.

The Right Shade For You:

If you’ve got clear skin, go bold and wear a bright orange. If not, stick to toned down versions – opt for brownish orange, almost rust-like shades. If you’re fair, you should be able to pull of a bright orange. If, however, you’re chocolate-toned or wheatish and love bold, bright colours, wear softer, understated colours and spruce them up with bright, almost neon orange accessories or trims.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-02


The colour for October 3, i.e. Dwitiya, is white – an essential, and a favourite amongst many!

The Right Shade For You:

The fairer your skin, the starker your whites should be. We’re not saying creams don’t look good on lighter-skinned people, but, they end up being too subtle. If you’re on the darker side, stark whites could actually be used if you’re going in for a sharper look. In that case, pick out an all white look.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-05


The colour for October 4, i.e. Tritiya is red.

The Right Shade For You:

With red, follow a simple rule – the darker your skin tone, the deeper the red should be.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-03

Navy Blue

The colour for October 5, i.e. Panchami, is navy blue.

The Right Shade For You:

Navy blue really looks good on any and everyone, so no variations here. Besides, navy is the perfect shade!

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-04


The colour for October 6, i.e. Sashti, is yellow.

The Right Shade For You:

If your skin tone is dark and you do wish to wear a brighter yellow, opt for fluid, sheer fabrics – that helps tone down its brightness. Lighter skinned people stick to brighter yellows, to keep your look vibrant.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-06


The colour for October 7, i.e. Saptami, is green.

The Right Shade For You:

Bottle greens look regal and classy – we’d suggest no other variation. No matter what colour your skin tone is, go in for a bottle green outfit, preferably in fluid fabrics like chiffons and georgettes.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-07

Peacock Green

The colour for October 8, i.e. Ashtami, is peacock green.

The Right Shade For You:

When wearing peacock green, choose a deeper shade, but also something slightly blueish than green, if you have a wheatish to dark skin tone.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-08


The colour for October 9, i.e. Navami, is purple.

The Right Shade For You:

Those with lighter skin tones can experiment with brighter purples, while those with darker skin tones, stick to deeper, more mature-looking shades of purple.

Pair It Up With:

colour styling-09
Now that you know, prep your wardrobe for the week. A very happy and fashionable Navratri to you all!