A Tribute To The Ultimate King Of Swag—Vinod Khanna

  Jehana Antia 115 Views Comments

As we mourn the death of the man who lived on his own terms, we sit and reminisce the hay days of veteran actor, Vinod Khanna. Not only was he prolific at his art but was an impeccable dresser in his time. When most actors were weary of experimenting, Vinod Khanna looked dapper in a denim-on-denim ensemble that he sported in the Cinthol ad. If you think ‘hashtag’ is a thing of the present, leave it to him to prove you wrong and while monochrome maybe the ‘it’ thing of today, Vinod Khanna made us fall in love with the trend ages ago. Also, let’s not forget that aviators were single-handedly popularized by the man himself.
We respect the man and more so, we respect the work done by him. While Vinod Khanna’s style may continue being inspiration to various designers out there, let’s just take a moment to relive his iconic looks in movies like ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Qurbani’. R.I.P Sir, we will miss you.