They say accessories are a girl’s best friend. And if you’re one to own a bauble box with a number of neckpieces, cuffs, and the likes, you sure know how important it is to own trinkets that match your outfits. But what when you’re a tomboy? Your style dilemmas, then, include how to accessorise. For those of you who display close-to-zero girly traits, a watch is always a must-have piece to add in your wardrobe.

Watches are great to help complete the ensemble. In fact, dainty watches always end up as heirloom or ‘something borrowed’ for that D-day. If you’re one with a sartorial taste that’s offbeat, you’d know the importance of owning an androgynous watch. Yes! Much like the boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend watch is quite the rage in fashion. Thank God for watchmakers who blur the lines between masculinity and femininity to their creations. These make for great everyday pairing.

Whether you are a chain-strap fan or love a leather strap or even if you’re a minimalist or someone who likes all things edgy, there’s a watch for all. If you’re one to wear a watch to work, it is ideal to pick a smaller dial that fits well on the wrist. Anyhow, if you’re looking for a watch to wear to that party this Sunday, go for an oversized rose gold piece. ready to swipe that card already? Browse through nine of our picks and tell us which one you like best at @wodrobmagazine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.