Are You Following The Barbed Wire Trend Yet?

  Jehana Antia 94 Views Comments

They say “never trust someone with bad eyebrows” however, we don’t think those slicked-back arches are a necessity all the time. Let’s get this right first, make up and make up trends don’t always have to be flattering. Make up and the artists are constantly exploring the art of it and like any other artists, too are experimenting and inventing. Coming to the barbed wire brow trend, while it hasn’t become a fad yet, it has become a matter of great discussion on Instagram overnight. The predated feather brow trend wasn’t received with as much criticism as the barbed wire trend. Conceptualised by Athena Paginton, the brow has been made to look like spikes that alternate upward and downward. Other makeup artists too are recreating this look with variations in eye-shadows and gloss. It is safe to say that beauty never sleeps and slipping through Instagram cracks with revelations as unique as these are difficult. The barbed wire brow trend is definitely a directional fad but is it wearable… well that’s left to be seen. What are your thoughts?