Freedom From An In-Organic Lifestyle

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This Independence Day lets get closer to Mother Nature for a change. As Bapu said, “Simplicity is the essence of universality”, more we are closer to nature, the simpler our life becomes. His ultramodern views sound trendy even today and have been followed all around the world.

During the era of colonisation, Mahatma Gandhi started a non-cooperative movement against the British where everyone discarded western fashion and adopted Indian ways, which revolved around the revival of the Indian Khadi industry.

Organic living means adhering to a lifestyle, as provided by the nature and in turn, which promotes the nature. It is not just restricted to the food but also to what we wear, how we travel, how we clean our environment and basically to our day-to- day life.

Lets take inspiration from Gandhian ideas on simple living high thinking. Below are a few organic brands one must add to their everyday living.

Best In Clothing

No Nasties

It is a contemporary organic brand known for printed t-shirts. With an attitude of fair trade and simplicity in style, they claim to use 100% cotton. Their eco-friendly production system makes them more desirable.



A fashion house that makes designer wears, using modern silhouettes for women as well as men. They are based in Gujarat and launched their label in 2009 for Lakme International week. They specialize in using organic cotton and natural fibres extracted from bamboo, banana, soya bean, flax, and milk protein. What makes them even more stunning is the way they use natural dyes to get vibrant colours.


Bath & Skin Care Products

The Khadi Shop

Following the footsteps of Bapu, this label has been all about nature love and sustainability. They create unadulterated bathing and skin care range that is in its purest form with sweet fragrances as well as gentle to the skin. Their idea is to promote village industries in the rural area.


Organic Food

Nature Basket

This is a one-stop organic food store that also provides online services. Their wide range of national and international products makes them exclusive and most preferred.


Organic lifestyle may not be the only way to go. We can always adopt it slowly. Attitude will change as quality of life improves and with time we will start embracing the new lifestyle. Living organic is an option now, but with the visible improvement in our lives, it may become a habit that we would not be willing to change.