Photo Credit: Instagram of xo.jennagrace

If you’re a lot like the fun folks at WODROB, we are sure you’ll be well aware of what’s trending in the jewellery scene. Most of us here are suckers for piercings, and we just happened to discuss a new trend that’s going to be every hipster’s next piercing. We’re talking about heartilage (heart cartilage) piercing, a term coined by PopSugar. Move over lobe and conch piercings, because heartilage is obviously the big earring trend we’re obsessing about. It’s already taken over our Instagram feeds. We’re so sure you’ll soon find one of your fave celebs sporting it, if not the blogger you follow for all things #StyleGoals.

Born in West4Studio by piercing genius Robbie Milian, heartilage is nothing but a technique the piercing expert uses to elevate an existing cartilage piercing. All Rob does is remove the beads from a client’s existing cartilage piercing and twist the edges of the metal earring just so it resembles a heart. Damn creative right! Uber-cool New Yorkers have been spotted with this piercing for a little over a year now. But thanks to the new terminology (read: heartilage) this trend has now got the leverage it should have earlier on. While the trend is already a rage in the fashion capital SoHo, we’re hoping that it’ll catch up here pretty soon. Thinking of attempting this seriously cute trend? If you do, click your pics and tag @wodrobmagazine on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.