How a Stylist Can Change Your Life

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Do you want exclusive answers to universal style questions like: Will horizontal stripes make me look fat? Will I look short in culottes? Do I have the right figure to carry a tube dress, and more such questions? Just hire a stylist. For, believing that stylists are only for celebrities is one big fashion faux pas.

“People often worry about their looks and clothes. They have certain inhibitions about a desired appearance, even though they are aware of their habits, tastes, body types and so on. And, more often than not, when it comes to making a fashionable choice people are often lost between what’s trending, what will look good on them and how they will fit in with their social crowd,” points out Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta, a former Gladrags Mrs India and founder of Silhouette by Yukti, which aims to simplify the concept of style through creative learning experiences.


To simplify, there’s a lot more to style than just wearing trendy clothes. Here are 5 good reasons that make the case for a stylist:

Make Space For New

Stylists bring on board a non judged perspective of a third person, and helps one look out of their comfort zone; thus lending a spark to one’s personality. They creatively push the boundaries of a fashion palette by making smooth transition to a whole new sense of style. Through a number of exercises, a stylist makes one realise the need to declutter their wardrobe without any hesitation.


Find Your True Self

In their quest to find everything perfect, a stylist makes one go beyond their hesitation and understanding of one’s true self. They use creative methods and questionnaires to uncover one’s hidden choice and accentuate personalities. In short, stylists help people come out of their personal constraints and experiment with new things without really going away from the core.


Save You Big Bucks

This may be an eye opener for many. A stylist saves one from buying unnecessary or overpriced clothes, bad experimentations and shopping debacles. “I saved loads of money and time after hiring the services of a stylist. After going through an in-depth exercise of understanding myself and my innate reason to shop, I realised to look good all I need to do is to mix-n-match a little. Also, ever since I have hired a stylist I no longer have clothes with price tags hanging on them for years. Basically, I wear what I shop,” says Anuja Joshi, a 32-year media professional.


Google May Not Know It All

Well, Google may have answers to everything you ask – what colours to choose, what trousers to go for, what fit is yours, what’s trending and much more; but it may not be able to help you get an exclusive advice of a stylist.

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Make You Fall In Love

They say every I love you starts with an ‘I’, and for a strong ‘I’ one needs to fall in love with oneself first. And, what better way to start falling in with yourself when you know you look great and feel awesome. Style may not solve all your problems, but it will most certainly create a positive image and environment around you.


Of course, the quest to looking good is never ending. And having a stylist is just about being with someone who makes this journey more fun, easy and stylish.