Mode Words In French That You Should Know

  Jehana Antia 117 Views Comments

We’re not here to talk about liberal views or political establishments; we’re here to talk about what’s ‘en Vogue’. Did you catch that right? While the political scene may be getting quite serious in France, we are more interested in the country’s contribution to the fashion industry. Known as the fashion capital of the world, France has been the home to the most coveted fashion labels in the industry today. Stylistically innovational and technically exceptional, France is known to have churned out the biggest names in the fashion world. Be it Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Hermès or Louis Vuitton, these brands are any fashionistas dream. However, other than terms like ‘vogue’ ‘couture’ or ‘barrette’, there are several other fashion terminologies coined in this romantic Indo-European language that you may come across but do you know what all of them mean? For all you budding designers out there did you’ll know that ‘motif’ is originally a French word meaning a reoccurring idea or action when referring to fashion and for the working women maybe a ‘Chignon’ could be your go-to in terms of hairstyle – a cute small bun at the back of the head. Also, for all those that love flaunting your necklines ‘Décolletage’ is a word commonly used to define a neckline that emphasizes your cleavage. There are several colours that have their roots in this language too like ‘Cerise’, a colour like cherry and ‘Chartreuse’, one that looks yellowish green.
Very ‘a la mode’ don’t you think?