Looking good in a pair of pants is not just about proportion, but also about mastering the art of illusion. The process of hunting down the perfect pair of pants for your body does take time and effort. However, nothing feels as dejecting as a pair of pants that are never worn, hanging in the cupboard. We are here to help you solve that dilemma based on your body-type.

 The Apple Or The Oval

If you carry most of your weight in the center and your toned legs and arms are your greatest attributes, you are an ‘apple’.

The first thing you want to do is drive attention away from your waist. Low-waisted pair of straight-cut pants is something you should fancy. Low rise pants in bold colours or prints are perfect for you as your legs get to be the center of attention. So, steer clear from high-waisted pants that make your waist appear broader than it actually is

WM tip: Go for details such as whiskering, embellished pockets and flap pockets. Cargo or safari pants with pronounced hip and rear pockets would be a good choice too.

The Pear

If you have a small bust, an even smaller waist and if your hips make the widest part of your body, you’re a ‘pear’. Elongating your figure should be your priority. You can achieve this by choosing a mid-waisted pair of pants that sit right above your navel at your natural waistline. For a more slimming effect, go for dark coloured and long boot-cut pants that will help you balance out your hips in proportion to the rest of your body. High-waisted pants bring the emphasis on your legs thus making your hips look broader, avoid them.

WM tip: Do not go for pants that have heavier pockets at the back highlighting your hips. Also, don’t wear crop pants as they’ll make you look shorter.

The Hourglass

If you’re  curvaceous from bottom to the top with a tiny waist then lady, you’re the ‘hourglass’. Your mission is to enunciate your curves. And we all know that’s what high rise pants are for! They emphasise your waist, hugging close to your body. The best choice for you is a pair of breezy wide-leg pants that flare a little bit at the hems. Pants with a contoured waist can serve your purpose so as to provide ample of coverage to your well endowed bottom and prevent gaping of your pants from behind. Pants having drop-crotch or a very low-rise that alleviate your pelvic bones don’t look flattering on your body type and thus, shouldn’t be worn.

WM tip: Pants with thick, bulkier fabrics are a no-no.

The Rectangle

If your narrow hips and broad shoulders lie on the same scale while your curves are minimal, you’re a ‘rectangle’. The aim, in your case, is to add curves to your body. You can easily do this with mid- rise pants. If you’re short, wearing trousers that end below the ankle, nipped at the waist is just ideal. You can tuck your top in a tailored tapered pair of pants to create an illusion of a natural curvature. Keep an eye out for bold colours and wear a slender belt that helps clinch your waist to add the feminine charm to your body. Your figure will not appreciate anything that’s too baggy even bell-bottoms will make your attire overt.

WM tip: If you’re a tall rectangle and looking to shorten your silhouette a little bit, add pleats to the waistline of your trousers. This can help add some mass to your belly.