Playsuits are an all-in-one garment with a sleeved top and shorts. It is much like a jumpsuit and many brands tend to classify jumpsuits and playsuits in a single category. If you are one with a curvy figure avoid buying tight fitting playsuits and also, don’t opt for too loose or baggy playsuits. Remember, right fit gives the right look.

Focus on elongating the look or slimming down your frame. When we say ‘elongating’ we mean that you should pair your playsuit with a nice pair of heels. If your main concern is a big waist, we advise you to go for some thick embellished belts around your waist to help give shape. This will conceal the thickness of your waist and will give an impression of a slimmer frame.For some of you, large arms may be a nightmare. Opt for playsuits with lower necklines and show off your collar bones and make sure to buy one with a sleeved top.

Choose playsuits with solid colours. To get a smooth tailored look, solid colours are the best choice. Girls with slim figures always yearn for those curves. In order to look curvier, go for loose-flowing super short playsuits. In addition to this, you get the freedom to wear denim playsuits as well. Adding large frills and patterns to your playsuit is a good option. Generally, super short playsuits are the best choice for petite figures. Playsuits with noodle straps and long V-necks are a good choice too.