The Not-So Formal Affair

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“I run a start-up” is now the most favoured phrase for the millennials and Gen Z. The world of start-ups is certainly changing the way we work, dress, talk, organise and the overall culture. It’s the lean-mean world, where ‘everything’ we do is ‘ours’.

“We’re goin’ streaking!’ the line from the 2003-hit movie Old School sums up the culture well, where today’s entrepreneurs just keep on building on their idea – no matter what. Well, our leaders did and from the wave of it that’s what will distinguish successful startups.

But, for now,  it’s wait and watch. Or, you can change things around and make a statement with the way you carry yourself. As the adage goes – Clothes maketh the man! And, the twist is: man maketh the business.

Top 5 fashion tips for Men Entrepreneurs:

  1. Kill it with maturity: It is possible to look mature even when you are casually dressed. Most men wear casual outfits with the idea of looking youthful. That is the faux-pas. For, maturity is one thing that separates the men from the boys. So, drop your teenage mutant look, pick stylish shirts that can be left un-tucked or tucked in.  Go for prints or bold colours with well-fit denims or chinos.
  2. Find your perfect denim match: Denim is not just a fabric. It defines who you are. So, if you want to come across as someone who is sharp and knows how-to-approach things wisely go for straight-fit denims. Avoid the baggy ones, unless you want to look like the run-down start-up who is trying too hard to survive.
  1. Go for the mix-up: If you are still keen on going the T-shirt way, then mix it well. “I prefer keeping my style eclectic – a mix of business and smart casuals. It depends on the time and the place. I have signed big deals wearing my tee, jeans and sneakers. Having said that, there are times where I have dressed up sharp. The idea is whatever you wear, you must stand out in it. Something that will make the other person listen to what you have to say,” points out Akash Bhatia, co-founder, Infinite Analytics.
  1. Put your best foot forward: Clean-up your act before entering your meeting. Your beaten-up sneakers or kholapuris or run-down sandals will kill your perfect outfit. Further, you can choose loafers if you want to keep the look casual, yet assertive.

Lastly, don’t try too hard to impress. Remind yourself, you are doing well.

Before we conclude, here’s a shout out to all the women entrepreneurs. Watch this space, as we have some simple and stylised tips to make work fashion more accessible, fun, casual and chic.