Wearables We Love

  Jehana Antia 127 Views Comments

Zumba is the class taken now-a-days and while ‘love your body’ may be the new hashtag, more and more women today are seen walking into gyms and Pilates classes post work. Being body conscious is no bad habit and keeping fit is in-fact something we should give serious thought to. While apps like ‘Runastic’, ‘Pocket Yoga’ and ‘Workout Trainer’ may update every month on your phone, sporting wearable allow you to leave your phone at home and complete your day’s workout in peace. We here at WODROB love technology and today, technology has made it possible to keep track of the distance you have run as well as allow you to reply to a message directly from the wearable!
With built-in GPS, the Apple Watch Nike+ is the perfect accessory for a runner and the Oakley Radar Pace are the glasses that give you real-time feedback while running or biking and even doubles as Bluetooth and headphones. The Milestone Pod is a low-cost waterproof foot pod with a long battery life that can automatically track running pace, distance, stride length, foot strike and various other metrics. Our current favourite is the Boltt, an Indian brand looking to revolutionise the concept of ‘wearables’.  Boltt Sports Technologies have built their three-part fitness system powered by Artificial Intelligence.  They are the world’s first smart wearables with an inbuilt ‘Virtual Trainer’.
Tell us which one you pick for your next jog around the block.