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Bombay Pier Pop-up

Bombay Pier Pop-up

It was a cloudless summer day and the blistering light from the clear skies glistened beautifully on the 50 something pop-up stores which were made up rather aesthetically. Held at the pier of the Bombay Presidency Radio Club, overlooking the Arabian Sea with the view of the Gateway of India and the splendid Taj Mahal hotel, Bombay Pier Pop Up, which was scheduled from February 24th to February 26th, was indeed, a radical crowd-puller.

At the Pier were installations by unconventional artists like Purva Pandit, Satish Dandekar, Siddharth Somaiya and an uber snazzy automobile display by Auto Hangar, Mercedes.  This was fused with a wonderful culinary experience where patrons could eat their way around numerous delightful food pop-ups and fill their hearts with classic musical performances.

WM attended the last day of Bombay Pier Pop-up and what we were most enthralled with was the diverse range of fashion and accessory brands.  We traversed through exquisite labels, both blooming and established, an account of which follows here:

Accessory Brands


Clothing Brands

While the event was home to some of the most quirky yet classic accessory brands that are all the rage this season, it did not disappoint those who were looking for a quick clothing/apparel fix either! Ranging from traditional apparels and kids’ fashion, to certain collections that were supremely contemporary in their design philosophies, the clothing pop-ups at Bombay Pier was one thing that our eyes couldn’t have missed!


With all these aforementioned accessory and clothing brands speaking well for themselves, from their name, their ideologies to their consumer base, Bombay Pier Pop-up 2017, with its entrancing location and even better visitants, was definitely a mega success, one that has been able to glorify the art and cultural scene of the city further. And as the crowd dispersed with happy memories of the event, the Pier and its neighbouring sea, too, beamed with contentment and vital approval.