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Diplomatic Fashion: Taking Inspiration from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Style Quotient

Diplomatic Fashion: Taking Inspiration from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Style Quotient

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a perfect blend of diplomacy and dynamic dressing. He has brought in panache to the otherwise dreary world of politics. His style has been appreciated worldwide so much so that he has now emerged as a fashion icon. In the past, when asked about his personal style, Modi humbly stated that his ability to match colours is a God’s gift that allows him to dress well. Cleanliness friendly, the Prime Minister believes that the value of a man is decided by what he wears.

Here we find some cues from our PM’s closet, which is making a wave around the globe:

The Better Half


PM Modi is known for his half sleeve kurtas in a myriad colours, mostly pastels, whites and bright shades and fabrics such as linen, silk and khadi. This is his own design, which he invented for functional purposes. Pairing them up with churidars, he gives Indian traditional men’s wear a refreshing look.

Get Inspired: You can replicate this look with a pair of denims, too.

Jacket It Up


Another hallmark of PM Modi’s fashion is his sleeveless jackets. He wears them either buttoned up or in traditional Nehru style. Mind you, these jackets are far different from the conventional Nehru jackets owing to their colours, length and the absence of hook at the neck. PM Modi’s jackets have darts at the pocket that give a slimming silhouette. He wears these over his kurtas in shades of pink, blue, green, yellow or orange.

Get Inspired: These jackets are a great way to add colour to an otherwise vanilla look.

Upping the Western Quotient


Modi also dons western wear with equal panache. His suit bearing his name in pinstripes created waves across the nation. Modi fancies polo shirts, polo cardigans with jackets and trench coats. Even, full-sleeved jersey, corduroys, and faded jeans have been on his list.

Get Inspired: Pinstriped shirts are perfect fit for a confident look.

Merging Fashion Boundaries


It’s interesting to note that the PM has incorporated international brands in his lifestyle with absolute ease. When outdoors, he could be spotted in Bvlgari shades, Movado – Swiss luxury watch and a French Mont Blanc fountain pen in his pocket, which brings an international appeal to his Indian persona.

Get Inspired: Always choose a brand that reflects your personality.

Hats Up


Not to forget, the Prime Minister has special adoration for Texan hats, which he often wears with his western style trousers and denims. Moreover, he does not shy away from ceremonial turbans and headgear on special occasions.

Get Inspired: A hat plays a cool accessory in men’s wardrobe.

Come Home to India


Staying true to his Indian appeal, PM Modi carries shawls and stoles with Indian motifs and patterns very elegantly. This traditional wear combination complements his attire and style beautifully.

Get Inspired: The pairing of India and western wear works perfectly well on any occasion – formal or casual.

PM Modi has most certainly given Indian fashion a new edge. His style speaks volume of who we are as a nation. After all, it’s all about power dressing, isn’t it?