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Plus Size Label Half Full Curve Just Launched Its First Collection

Plus Size Label Half Full Curve Just Launched Its First Collection

In this day and age, with social media at its peak, women empowerment and self-love need to be stressed on. We’re all about body positivity at WODROB and think that all-inclusive sized clothing is just one impactful way to tackle this. Nonetheless, if you look at most plus size clothing, you’ll find that brands dole out garments that are loose, anti-fit, and dull. Newly-launched Indian brand Half Full Curve has come into the Indian fashion space as an answer to it all. Launching its first-ever collection at Atosa, Khar West, designers and sisters/business partners Tinka Bhatia and Rixi Bhatia have introduced their plus size clothing for every woman looking to dress those curves.

Designers and co-founders of Half Full Curve Rixi Bhatia and Tinka Bhatia.

Half Full Curve challenges the traditional norms of curvy style perceptions. We attended the collection launch at to find Atosa, the suburban multi-designer store with its minimalist feel, buzzing with a crowd elated with the line. The brand’s first collection was divided into three, each inspired by styles like Art, Cubism, and Rothko. Where the one inspired by Art uses surface texture, which is then converted in embroidery, the Cubism line showcases subtle geometry. The collection inspired by Rothko is all about colour blocking.

Plus Size Label Half Full Curve Just Launched Its First Collection_INPOST2_WODROB
Rixi Bhatia, Shaan Khanna, Azmina Rahimtoola, Tinka Bhatia and Aparna Badlani at Half Full Curve launch.

Speaking about the collection and the design aesthetic Rixi Bhatia said, “I am an art enthusiast. Tinka and I both like colours but we are very different in our sensibilities. She’s more basic and classic, while I am all about art-meets-fashion. Hence, all the collections have an artistic inspiration. This is just the initial collection as all the other collections that are falling through are very different…there is a vintage collection, floral embroidery, and later we are going to work with metallics. We want it to be a one-stop shop for everyone, be it someone feminine or quirky.” When asked about favourite pieces from the collection Rixi instantly referred to the art line inspired by the different surface textures of art such as oil paints or the palette knife. We noticed Rixi also adorned a piece from the same collection.


Plus Size Label Half Full Curve Just Launched Its First Collection_Inpost1_WODROB
Lookbook images from new plus-size clothing brand Half Full Curve.

While most marketers are targetting women of varied sizes, why then the decision to venture into the plus size clothing domain that’s almost ignored? Rixi answers, “We found a lack of good clothing for curvy women. It is either too boring, anti-fit, or larger than their size, and they just fit into it. Nothing is designed to fit their body shape, and they cannot go and try clothes anywhere since most of it is online.”

In case you are under the impression that a mini dress is for the petite, it’s time you change your mind. Rixi believes that a short mini dress is an essential in a curvy woman’s wardrobe. Since clothing for plus size is equally straining for men, we posed a question to the designers on whether the label plans on starting menswear. Rixi said, “Eventually… we will be working on everything plus size. We are starting out with women because we feel women are the best shoppers, and they love beautiful things so why not exhibit it on them.”

Starting at a price point of Rs. 5,000 and above, Half Full Curve’s collection will be available online as well as retail outlets within a span of three weeks.