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Hottest Runway Trends For The Big Girl

Hottest Runway Trends For The Big Girl

Whoever said runway trends are only for size zero. The popular notion that most trends are meant for skinny girls, couldn’t be farther from truth. Look at Adele, Sonakshi Sinha, Meghan Trainor…they’re amongst the most stylish people on screen, and they’re all plus size. So, it’s definitely a myth that fashion is anti-big-girl. Curvier girls can rock looks just as much. All you need to do is keep in mind your body type and understand which parts you want to take attention away from and which you want to highlight.

It’s always nice to know which shape category your body falls into; that makes dressing up a lot easier and efficient. It also makes you aware of your strengths, and hey, that’s always nice, right?


Runway trends for you: Skater dresses, one-button blazers, pencil skirts.

If you’re chest-heavy, and carry most of your weight on your tummy and on the upper half of your body, welcome to the club! One trend you can and definitely should follow is – skater dresses. They not only accentuate your chest but also draw attention to your legs. The aim is to imitate the illusion of an hourglass shape by taking away notice from the tummy area. What you could also do is use belts to synch your outfits. This defines your waist, thereby making it look small.

If you’re blessed with good legs, opt for one-button blazers over a plain tank top and skinny jeans. While the skinny jeans highlight your gorgeous legs, the blazer gives the impression of a tiny waist. Pencil skirts with V-neck tops also establish the same goal whilst giving you a classy look that’s appropriate for a day out or even just something as casual as brunch.

WM Tip: Look for well-tailored pieces that structure your body well. This will bring attention to your hips while taking attention away from your tummy. When wearing tops with fitted bottoms make sure that the tops are an easy fit.



Runway trends for you: Peter-pan collars, A-line skirts.

If you’re a girl with thick thighs, wide hips, narrow shoulders, and a relatively small waist, the runway trends you should follow are definitely that of peter-pan collars and A-line skirts. Both accentuate your strengths and contour the areas you want to hide.

A peter-pan collar, will bring attention to your narrow shoulders. For skirts, A-line works best; it conceals all the trouble areas. Similarly, tunics or long tops over leggings work well, especially if they have collars, ruffles or any kind of detailing around the neck.



Runway trends for you: Wrap dresses, pencil skirts.

If you’re curvy and have an hourglass figure, you, my friend, have hit the jackpot! Large chest? Check. Full bottom? Check. Waist in proportion to rest of your body? Check.  Try wearing clothes that flatter your curves rather than clothes that don’t provide any shape.

Wrap-dresses are a great idea. You should try and avoid too many prints or details in your clothes as that will only add emphasis on areas where you don’t need extra help. Pencil skirts work best with this body type, but other skirts are also not a bad idea, just as long as they end above the knee, otherwise they can end up making you look short. Fitted V-necks and dark coloured suits would do great in highlighting your curves.

WM Tip: Avoid buttoning your shirts all the way up to the top or T-shirts with very high necklines as they can make your chest area look bigger and give off a boxy appearance.