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Knotty Tales Pop-Up

Knotty Tales Pop-Up

With the fashion scene booming in the country it should come as no surprise that Knotty Tales brings to us several brands to dote over in this edition of their pop-up. Having pop-ups that sell out completely, Knotty Tales has now made quite a name in the fashion business. Constantly innovating, Knotty Tales is all set to put up their next show, a summer edition.

Showcasing brands like, Astitva, Sasa Group, Gempetit, Mubo and Alanna; the five that champion summer’s trendiest attires to perfection are DVAA, Knitting Doodles, Lana Cherry, Shorshe and Maayera Jaipur. The co-founders of Knotty Tales, Gauri Pradhan and Pallavee Dugall are yet again ready for another show. The event seemingly showcases brands which have contemporary palate yet are traditional in their means and methods. Be sure to catch this edition of Knotty Tales on the 22 of March, 2017.

With exemplary fashion trends being showcased at the Tote on the Turf, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, there is no second guessing that the ambience is going to tickle those shopping bones of yours and help create a memorable celebration of fashion and fun.

We give you a slight insight as to what is in store. Be sure to take a look:


We live in a country that is rich in culture and takes pride in its crafts. DVAA is a brand that upholds that heritage with their own unique take on the same. Predominantly contemporary, the brand celebrates Indian textile and design. On high quality fabric, DVAA showcase their handicraft in the form of minute detailing and embroidery. Radically trying to change the world of fashion in the country, DVAA aim at showcasing western women’s wear that are subtly interwoven with crafts and fabrics. DVAA is a sub-brand of ADVA and is up at Knotty Tales. We love the collection and we bet you will too. Being Indian just got more exciting!


Aavidi by Dimple Bhatia Sehrawat is a luxury clothing brand that deserves your attention at this pop-up of Knotty Tales. Clothes that are comfortable yet look chic seem to be this brand’s USP. Noida based designer, Dimple has made sure that the design philosophy of the brand revolves around relaxed silhouettes and simple Indian motifs. The clothes capture the vibrancy of this country we live in, incorporating it in the richness of the dye they use and the fine detailed embroidery on soft cotton and hand woven Ikat materials. Aavidi celebrates the essence of being Indian yet is a bold take on the fearless Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Lana Cherry

The brainchild of Svetlana Casper, Lana Cherry is one brand to look out for. With experience in the modelling and fashion world, Svetlana decided to take off with her own brand in the ever expanding world of fashion in the country. “Comfort is very important for me. My clothes are easy to wear and non-fussy. The falls are beautiful and feminine”, she says. Svetlana’s vision of making Lana Cherry a global brand seems increasingly possible with their exclusive take on their beautifully designed clothes. Seemingly void of any bling, the collection at Lana Cherry truly does stand out. Showcasing fabrics like malmal and linen, Lana Cherry is the brand for the modern Indian woman.


Working organically with fabrics and artisans sourced locally, Shorshe is the eco fashion brand to have one eye on. Shorshe, meaning mustard in Bengali, is a brand that is hand woven and made from within Kolkata. Bringing that slight Bengali spice into their collection, Shorshe makes garments that are sustainable and hand dyed primarily on fabrics that are hand woven too! The pieces in the collection are apt for your everyday essentials with the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional. From easy breezy lounge wear to clothes that feel like your gradmum’s saree yet have the casual western look, Shorshe is up for your review and to fall in love with.

Maayera Jaipur

This boutique is for the chic yet trendy woman. The Maayera Boutique, Jaipur has come out with their new collection that will be displayed at Knotty Tales. This collection features hand block prints with organic vegetable colours on Swiss cotton. It is an affordable collection and is for women of all ages and sizes. 

Knotty Tales awaits your presence. Open from 11:00am to 08:00pm, this fashion pop-up will help let loose the fashionista in you!