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Olio’s Latest Collection Is The Holiday Wardrobe Upgrade You Need

Olio’s Latest Collection Is The Holiday Wardrobe Upgrade You Need

Look closely into the design space and you’ll agree that the fashion turf is now slotted into two: designers who create garments that dictate trends and others who often tell a story using fabric. Aashna Singh and Sneha Saksena, co-founders of the label Olio, ensure that they merge the two attributes in their collections. Not a duo to follow the fashion seasons, you’ll find that their collections are usually a page from someone’s story. While this even translates into the designs they create, they do ensure to keep up with styles that dominate the runway. Their latest, and biggest collection yet (it has 27 pieces in all), Sally Sells Seashells, is no different.

Functional, Travel-Friendly Pieces

The new travel line is “playful, colourful and sexy” and has everything from deconstructed sleeves to ruffles, drop waist, anti-fit silhouettes and even voluminous and fluted sleeves. Olio’s USP has always been their use of geometric patterns on clean-cut, oversized silhouettes. “We’ve maintained geometry as a main, and used a lot of applique work on anti-fit silhouettes,” Sneha told WODROB over the phone. She continued, “Marketing this as a travel collection was perfect as it’s the right time for people to go on vacations, and the pieces are just ones they can carry along. We kept to the theme, and all the garments are functional with the use of pockets in each. Even the colour palette ranges from blues to muted greens and brown; hues that remind you of the sea and the beach.”


No Restrictions

If you remember Olio’s ‘Fried Egg Dress’ from their Sunny Side Up Collection, you’ll pick the fact that their flattering silhouettes are perfect for the 30+ woman. Made from 100 percent cotton, this line ranges from body cons to oversized dresses; something that suits every body type. From cover-ups to tops, jumpsuits and dresses, there’s an array of pieces that can be mixed and matched thus allowing you to travel light. Sneha explained, “For instance, this double-layered dress we have…I wear it as is but my mum wears it with cropped pants. These are pieces you can wear the way you like it.” Take a look at the collection, and you’ll note that every piece is distinct enough to be the talking point of your ensemble. “Dress it up or dress it down; the colours are muted it’s easy to accessorise as you please,” continued Sneha.


Why Sally Sells Sea Shells?

With a name like that, we were curious what ‘The Olio Story’ behind this line was. Speaking to us from Delhi, Aashna narrated, “You might know that Sally Sells Seashells is a tongue twister. But the real story behind it dates back to 1799 and is about an inspirational palaeontologist named Mary Anning. She developed a theory of evolution way before Charles Darwin, but couldn’t create a forum for her ideas as she was a woman. This collection is a way for us to celebrate her. It’s about women empowerment.” Such a powerful short story told through Olio’s sartorial journey, who would have known. When we asked Aashna what she thinks of fashion being used as a medium to make the voice of society count, she stated, “It is very important. With Olio, everything from our blogs to our collaborations and even our collections is about women empowerment. While we may not have literally translated it in our clothes, it still is one of our founding principles.”

To be honest, Olio has been an Indian label to watch out for ever since its launch. We’ve always loved the motifs they use; and this time they’ve experimented with palms, reefs, bananas and more, making the pieces perfect carry-alls for our next getaway. Want to know our favourite from this line: the Bananarama dress, a relaxed Peter Pan-collared smock piece with ruffled cuffs and banana applique on the bodice. There’s more from the collection to love, maybe you should check it out yourself!