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Fashion Recommendations Built Around Your Closet

Real you is Royal you!

Real you is Royal you!

Princess Catherine, who we all know as Kate Middleton, has certainly set a following for herself as a fashion icon! Whatever she wears is prim, proper and just perfect. That’s not what makes it different – she says it all in her own style. Her simplicity, class and elegance effortlessly reflects in everything she wears. In all this, Kate sends a strong message – be who you are, and wear what you love to be class-apart!

What we love the most about her is that she makes us all believe in our inner Princess. So, here’s how you can too inarguably don her Princess-look always!

Wear it Royal

To announce her engagement, Kate wore this dress, and we are certain it instantly took you back in time, isn’t it? It was indeed unforgettable.

Our Princess style tip: Make that blue look ROYAL with simple jewellery & high heels. Of course, one can always add a twist to the look by wearing a pair of shocking pink or nude colour shoes.


Less is Indeed more

She dons this style as effortlessly as her Princess look. It’s interesting to see how she keeps it least yet stands out stylish!

Our Princess style tip: A smart shirt tucked into a smart pair of jeans, with shoes to complete your look are just right to make you look absolutely stunning! Alternatively, a smart jacket, simple hair & sexy wedges will do it all to make your casual look absolutely stunning!


Classic is always elegant

Her beauty is admirable & her elegance covetous, isn’t it?

Our Princess style tip: A neatly done bun can never go wrong for an evergreen classic look, especially with sophisticated jewellery that does the needful shining for you!


Make that dress yours!

Kate is usually seen wearing dresses in solid colours. But here she has chosen an interesting print that makes her dress look perfectly made for India!

Our Princess style tip: This is how you make a dress ‘yours.’ Add a bit of local flavour and infuse it with a lot inner style. Remember, wherever you go always carry along your true being!


Keep it simple

Here is her military-inspired coat with a cute pony tail that makes her look gorgeous & graceful!

Our Princess style tip: Go rugged, but add a bit of coy to the whole look.


Play it up

Here’s where she chooses to really play up! Look at the fun colours she has chosen to pair up with that pullover! Having fun is not only about playing a sport!

Our Princess style tip: Don’t shy away from colours. Go playful with the palette. But, ensure to mix it well.


Smile – a must!

Well, everything that she wears becomes simply WOW with that beautiful smile which she carries at all times, doesn’t she?

Our Princess style tip: You guessed it! No matter what you wear, a smile will always be your priceless jewellery!