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The Lil Flea Fiesta

The Lil Flea Fiesta

This time, yet again, The Lil Flea turned out to be the mecca for all fashionistas in the city of dreams, aamchi Mumbai – scheduled from the 9th of December until the 11th, positioned in the heart of the city at Bandra, with more than 250 quirky pop-up shops, delicious street cuisines, interactive workshops and live performances by some of the most spellbinding Indie bands – this massive souk was truly a tribute to innovation and creativity! Team WM gleefully witnessed this amazing festival of joy on its second day.

As we entered the flea market, we found ourselves lost in a swarm of enthusiastic shoppers finding their way to appealing kiosks – the sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. ground accommodated over 30,000 visitors in the 3 day course of the fest. The entire flea arena was divided into six lanes, lined up by a slew of attractive stalls featuring the most exotic clothes, shoes and marvellous accessories laid out in their respective display areas. Even during the midday, when the sun shined with all its heat and might, there was a satisfactory footfall that the Flea participants did not anticipate. The air was filled with all the enthralling chatter and laughter of the shoppers.

Every shop had a different story to tell through their products – something distinct that effortlessly stood out from the rest. Read on, as we stopped by some of the most eye-catching stalls and chatted with their owners for some valuable insights about their brands and the joyous fest.

Style Spotting

Astounded by the aura of the Flea market, we came across some of the trendiest folks shopping around during the event. They were glad as we approached them and asked them to lend us a deal of description about their outfits.

With its winter edition, The Lil Flea proved that it was nothing less than a diversified village (and a beautiful one at that!), a specialised souk that embraced the city’s culture and lifestyle like never before, a market that continues to be an ultimate destination for shoppers, performers and foodies alike – they had something vibrant in store for every fashion-conscious visitor.

Content ~ Mili Doshi & Afiya Qureshi

Pictures ~ Bhavik Thakkar & Mili Doshi