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Winter Diaries: Here’s How India’s 10 Most Fashionable Cities Are Wearing The Biggest Runway Trends This Year

Winter Diaries: Here’s How India’s 10 Most Fashionable Cities Are Wearing The Biggest Runway Trends This Year

It doesn’t matter which part of the country you live in, winter in India is a big deal. We love the feeling of taking out our suitcases filled with sweaters and beanies from underneath the bed and enjoying both, the warmth and twist in our wardrobes, that these winter clothes brings along with them.

Look your fashionable best with these winter trends and how to wear them, in India’s ten most fashionable cities. This winter, no matter which city you reside in or choose to travel to, we’ve got your winter wardrobe covered, in an absolute first dress-according-to-where-you-live piece. Sounds good? Let’s get going!

1. Delhi’s Doing Boots Like a Diva!

If you’re in Delhi, consider yourself very, very lucky. You’re one of the few who get to experience what the real chill of winter feels like. This gives you the chance to flaunt the most elaborate of trends, because guess what? They’re going to fit right in!

Nothing says winter better than thigh-high boots. Show them the city with a nice winter dress that ends right above your knees and you’re sorted. You may also opt for a really short dress to show off your boots, and wear stockings to keep yourself fully covered and beat the chill. We’d suggest you go a little experimental on the colour of your stockings to give your outfit a playful touch.

Another really cool trend that would fit right in with the Delhi weather is a nice trench coat. Pair it with a plain top, denims and boots, and you’re ready to go! Ditch the browns, for there are trench coats available in pretty interesting colours and cuts.


2. Mumbai’s Falling in Love with Layers

Mumbaikars are the best at making the most out of their winters. With days that verge on more warm and humid, than cold, and nights that drag the temperature lower, it can get tricky to decide what exactly to wear that’s not just fashionable, but also easily convertible.

That’s where layering comes in. Wear a dainty-looking summer dress, and cover up to beat the morning chill with a cute sweater or jacket, and add in a scarf, if it fits well with the look. Ditch the layers in the afternoon to beat the heat, and layer up again, at sundown. It’s a great idea to invest in a classic blanket scarf this winter. It’s not only in, but also so flexible; it goes with almost anything! For footwear, you could wear those summer wedges with a pair of girly socks. Or, if you’re in the mood for boots (yes, Mumbaikars do wear boots too!), a pair of ankle-length boots is probably your best option for the season, since that’s what the temperature allows.


3. Chennai’s Cheering for Lighter Sweaters

The thing about Chennai is, it doesn’t get that cold. So what do you do? You extend your summer wardrobe into your winter closet. It’s only around December that people really start layering with sweaters and shrugs. Heavy winter clothing is hardly seen on the streets, if ever.

Light, long cowlneck sweaters are perfect for times when it rains or the temperature drops down. You can sloppily tuck them into skinny jeans, wear them over cotton-lycra leggings, or like a dress. Either way, they’re light, but still say “winter” at the same time.


4. Pune’s Pulling Its Sleeves Longer

Winter in Pune, lies somewhere in the middle. It’s not excessively cold, but does manage to pack a punch. A trend that’s very ‘in’ in Pune right now, is extra long sleeves. They’re not suffocating, and yet manage to capture the essence of winter brilliantly. The best way to nail this trend would be to wear something big and baggy, and let the sleeves keep your arms warm, while wearing skinny jeans, jeggings, or fitted minis over stockings.

Leggings have also come back to make their mark on winter fashion. Team them with a long sweater, a dainty little chain, and you’re good to go!


5. Jaipur’s Jacket Lovin’

Jaipur faces severe winters, which is probably why the trend of leather jackets never dies down there. Leather pants are also a great idea, when paired with subtle tops, and left to shine on their own. The chill in the city makes it perfectly appropriate to wear these options, along with jackets in traditional prints that beautifully mix the culture with seasonal wear.


6. Dimapur’s Donning Boots, Military Style

Winter is supposed to be the best time to visit this gorgeous city. A lot of girls can be seen wearing printed sweaters and with the cold winds being unforgiving, leather jackets are also a constant fixture. Different colours of jackets can be seen on the streets. But, military boots take the cake away! Instead of the regular ankle length boots, these are a great trend to follow when you’re in Dimapur. Make sure you pack some cute beanies too, if you’re heading there – you’ll fit right in with the crowd.


7. Bangalore’s Boasting of Sweatshirts

Bangalore loves its funky sweatshirts! With cool new options to try out, the sweatshirt isn’t going away anytime soon. Blazers are also a great idea – printed ones are very ‘in’ this season. Although the temperature hardly ever drops below 10 degree Celsius, leggings with winter wear are a trend that’ll work perfectly with Bangalore weather. Try basic black leggings with a bold trench coat to stand out amongst everybody else – you can thank us later!


8. Kolkata’s Going Killer with Sweater and Scarf

Although winters in Kolkata are nothing too harsh, girls love their sweaters and scarves. One trend that’s very noticeable is that of plain (white, black, beige or nude) sweaters paired with printed scarves (the leopard print is an absolute favorite). A trend that would work equally well would be that of dresses over turtlenecks. A nice single-colored bold dress over a plain turtleneck paired with knee-length boots (provided it’s very cold that day) would be an absolute stunner!


9. Ahmedabad’s Staying Amazingly Traditional

Girls in Gujarat love carrying their authentic Gujarati print jackets with most of their outfits. These are not only super stylish, but also add a touch of tradition to their winter wear. Saris draped in Gujarati style, with beautifully printed knit blouses are also a very popular trend. While temperatures rarely drop very low, sweaters of all kinds are a hot favourite.


10. Chandigarh’s Creating Magic with Fur

One trend that’s absolutely cherished in Chandigarh is that of fur. It doesn’t matter which part of the clothing you have it in – you’ll definitely have it somewhere! While some love fur on the collars of their trench coats, others like it on the hoods of their sweatshirt hoodies. With winter being a big deal in the city, one trend that can definitely be tried is that of navy overcoats that are soon making their way to the country. They’re easy, chic and perfect for the Chandigarh winter.


Happy winters, India! Which trend are you hooked on to, this coming winter? Let us know in the comments below.