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Fashion Recommendations Built Around Your Closet

WM Handpicked: This Wedding Season, Our Favourite Runway Trends Will Make You Shine At The Baraat!

WM Handpicked: This Wedding Season, Our Favourite Runway Trends Will Make You Shine At The Baraat!

Indian weddings are certainly one of the most joyous occasions, not only for the couple but also for their respective families. The union of two souls is a glorious celebration with sheer vibrancy of colour. And what’s a wedding without glittery glitzy clothes?

Glamour forms an inseparable part of weddings. Most of us look forward to attend the celebrations just so we can doll up in our favourite wedding outfits. We take special pains in getting our outfits tailored, to blend in with each occasion that it is going to be worn at. Be it family members, cousins, friends or even acquaintances of the bride or groom, the excitement for clothes during weddings is the same. Alluring sarees and lehengas are the definite choices when it comes to dressing up for a wedding.

But how to select the perfect saree? How much to accessorize? Will a lehanga be just too much for a guest? Fret not, just follow these runway styles, and you’re sure to stand out as a star at the baraat!

Trend # 1

The Saree Cape

Sarees are undoubtedly considered as the best outfits for women and credited universally for their versatility. No wonder they alleviate your figure like no outfit can, flaunting your curves while keeping the royal ethnicity in account. Young girls have heartily embraced sarees off late and there has been quite an evolution in the draping styles over the years.

Style and colour of saree

Mermaid, butterfly and Mumtaz style draping can help achieve an overt look, with a glint of Bollywood. You can easily pull these looks with a silk, crepe, chiffon or georgette saree. Ensure that they are abundant in embellishment and zari work. Since all the dress-up is for a wedding, you may want to avoid dark colours (except black). On the contrary, play around with colours like the neons when dressing up for Mehendi or Haldi. Save up traditional colours like Red and Green for the main wedding function. Draping plays a great role in enhancing your silhouette. Make sure that the pleats are neatly tucked in. Pay special attention to your body, because every figure demands a different draping style. Borders are an integral part of any saree. Broad, Bold borders tend to go perfectly with well- built and tall women while narrow borders are metaphorically meant for the shorter ones providing them with an illusion to appear lengthier.


Style and colour of cape

Now coming to capes, understand your figure and accordingly choose which part of your body you would like to highlight. Firstly, go in for a minimalistic blouse – either sleeveless or full-sleeved. If your saree is heavily embroidered, go for plainly subtle capes and vice versa. Now, if you’re generally top-heavy, you’d be advised against wearing a cape altogether. Yet, with little tricks, we all can break these rules of styling, and yet look our gorgeous best. Go in for sheer capes, with minimal embellishment. If, on the other hand, you’re bottom-heavy, go in for heavier, embellished capes in brocades or even velvet, as this would help balance out your figure. But remember to keep the cape really short, to show your slim waist.

You can wear sarees to multiple wedding functions like the main wedding day, Sangeet or reception without appearing too over-the-top.


WM tip: Complete your look with a matching pair of heels and accessorize well with suitable, heavily studded, long earrings and make that saree rock!

Trend # 2

Lehenga Skirt or Skirty Lehenga?

You choose. These flowy bottoms are the ideal piece of clothing for a wedding occasion. No matter how simple your lehenga is, it always brings out an elegant and youthful feel. Though lehengas may not seem promising to bulkier women, different dupatta draping styles can make you appear slimmer. With a little to and fro, you can get to wear that lehenga in distinct styles each time making it utilitarian, as it is boring to wear the same lehenga over and over again.

Lehengas accentuates your figure in a remarkable manner and hence, it is important to choose the right type of lehenga according to your body, favorable to your persona. How to nail the flowy lehenga?

Fabric and fit

Avoid embellishments if you’re bottom-heavy, instead go in for A-line cuts in extremely fluid fabrics, or diametrically opposite stiff fabrics. Slim waist? Show it off, wear your lehenga low. Broader women can also wear it with crop tops and show some waist, only in your case, make your bottoms high-waisted.

Go in for the lehenga skirt – yes, make it a mesh between the two. That way, you can team it up with just about anything and tweak your look according to the occasion you wear it for.


Pairing it up

Choli is an integral part of a lehenga that enhances the entire outlook of the wear. Small cholis with deep cut necks are tantalizing and can have either cap sleeves or full sleeves as you see fit according to your need. Designer embellished cholis are a versatile option because they go with a wide range of lehengas. You must keep your eyes open for matching or contrasting jewellery like maang teeka, nose ring, jhumkas, hasli sets or jhoomar/paasa that happen to manifest a nawabi look. Pairing up with some wedged high heels, and matching anklets will add up to the glam.

Fashion is never constant and with changing times, the lehenga choli has been through many transformations. You may add a cape around your choli, or wear your lehenga with a contrasting long kurti to diversify the effect a lehenga offers.

You can get to work the lehenga in any function like Haldi, Mehendi or the final wedding day.


WM tip: Choose brighter shades for the lehenga skirts, like orange, ocean green, mint or teal that are trending lately, and wear over them a contrasting, custom made lehenga layer in sheer fabrics with just enough embroidery to complement the bottom layer – stick to golden or silver, if unsure.

For creating your own customary lehenga style, choose a simple and flairy lehenga with broad-laced hems covered with a full-sleeved long jacket that shows some deal of your belly and sits just above the hems of your lehenga. It is imperative for these jackets to be decently embellished to demonstrate a rich and royal look. What’s more? This style is tested to suit almost all body types!

Trend # 3

Gallant Gowns

Gowns are rightly appreciated for their flowy silhouette and how they accommodate even the most lopsided body sizes with comfort and ease. Evening gowns have successfully found their way into Indian culture, by weaving in the tradition sensibilities. Gowns should be one of your picks for wedding receptions as they are greatly manageable as compared to sarees or any other choice of outfit. They’re economical options too, since it is needless to splurge on blouses, it is a one-piece dress offering you that modesty and decency, appropriate for a wedding look.

Fit and style

The most vital step surely again lies with the choice of your gown according to your body type. It is essential to be mindful about the lingerie you wear under and also about the fabric of your gown which should neither be too fluffy nor to skin tight, avoid extremities in all aspects. Wearing corsets under your gown can offer you a great deal of control over your body as required for wearing gowns.

You want to avoid heavy necklaces. Compensate the quota by wearing long, shimmery earrings adding up to the charm of your dress. Chiffon Scarves or Sashes are also a good idea to cover your chest with style and maintaining the statement of your outfit. High wedged heels instead of flats are a perfect choice to lift your figure and helping you in swift movements.

This style is highly recommended for bridesmaids who are looking to appear elegantly uniform in any particular formal function.


WM tip: Have your gowns designed in an ethnic way – empire waist, tea length or even saree style. The gown-saree brings together elegance of a saree and comfort of a gown.It is crafted in a modern manner, having a high waistline with a seam just below the bust the flare gloriously flows down either straight or in a basque prospect down to the ground.

Trend # 4

Slit ‘Em Anarkalis

Anarkali dresses are the staple clothes of all females, be it school girls, working women or even old ladies. With their user-friendly maintenance and comfort, they are considered the perfect outfits for every possible situation. And the best part about anarkalis is that they never look over-the-top, it’s always flattering to wear them even if you’re a distant guest at the wedding. Hence, they have won the heart of almost all women, not only in India but also in many other parts of the world.


 When designed using rich fabric and embellishment, anarkalis appear gorgeous, making you stand out of the crowd. Use patch work of beads, kundans or zari  to enhance the beauty of anarkali tops. Even with simple thread work, anarkali suits can be a treat to the eyes for their simplicity and elegance.


Fit and fabric

 Anarkali suits are available in different styles, and as always, it is best to choose your dress according to your body type. Pear-shaped ladies must go in for A-line anarkalis. Jacket or frock style anarkali seem to go well with women having a rectangular or straight figure. Further, deep necklines are best for curvy women, whereas, plunged necklines or Chinese collars are seamlessly carried by those with an hourglass figure. If you have a great bust, show it off with low necklines and some extra designer embellishment work on the bodice. Floor-length anarkalis have entered the league recently and they look absolutely traditional yet stunning. If you’re short, wear smaller bodices, and let the skirt portion of your anarkali be in fluid fabrics that add the illusion of length. For small wedding functions like Haldi and Mehendi, you can go for silk anarkalis that royally shine in daylight. For night events, you should consider net or georgette, as they grant a fancy look.

While sporting the anarkali attire, you might want to play easy on necklaces, however, do not compromise to complement your look with large, sparkling earrings. And yes, carry your dupatta with ease making sure that it does not cast a shadow on your dress.


WM tip: If you’re bored with the whole anarkali thing and want to transform your attire into something more amazing and interesting, floor length anarkalis having a central slit running from the bottom of the bust to the hem or layered hemlines, are what you need. Pair them up with matching Palazzo or heavily embroidered cigarette pants if you’re on the slimmer side, or a high-waisted skirt if you’re apple shaped or bottom-heavy.

Oh, and before we forget, do not forget that million dollar smile. Wear it with confidence, and you’re sure to be the star baraati at bhai’s, behen’s, bestie’s, or even that old neighbour, Bina aunty’s niece’s wedding. Now go, slay!