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You’ve Got To Visit This Natural Hair And Skin Salon N.O.W

You’ve Got To Visit This Natural Hair And Skin Salon N.O.W

If we ever realised a number of chemicals we use on a daily basis, we’d be disappointed. While not all of these may be harmful to the environment, it may cause damage to our body without us knowing. You may argue that ‘all’s fair in fashion and beauty’. But what if you didn’t have to go through any harm so as to look good? What if there was an actual alternative at your disposal? Now that’s possible!

We’ll just cut the suspense and get right to it. N.O.W which stands for Natural Organic World is Mumbai’s first holistic organic salon for skin and hair suggests and is situated in Bandra, Mumbai. Headed and conceptualised by Heetika Shah, an MD in Naturopathy, the parlour has opened its doors today to those looking for change. With natural, organic ingredients, Ayurveda herbs, vegetables, fruits, rare plant extracts and pure essential oils as their base, N.O.W has a solution to all your beauty woes. “Cosmetic means externally beautifying, but body care means going deep below the surface of the skin and scalp to fix problems from inside out instead”, says Heetika.

From lip scrubs and cleansers to conditioners, scrubs, and face mists, N.O.W has it all! Embodying the mantra of “look good and feel good”, N.O.W’s remedies are not just for you women but also for those men who sit at home complaining about women visiting the parlour way too often. Wait until you see the treatments N.O.W has in store for you! From tweens to babies, daddies and mommies, everyone can visit this salon and be personally assisted by Ayurveda experts, consultants and naturopathy doctors ensuring long lasting results.

Heetika was introduced to making unique natural mixtures and formulas as a child thanks to her grandfather/researcher. She used his handwritten formulas and scribbled notes as her guide to starting N.O.W.

Since personalisation has become such a fad when it comes to about-to-be brides, teenagers and fussy women (us included) alike, who knew you could get personalised beauty products too? Well, you do at N.O.W. Using fresh, handcrushed fruits, herbs, and oils they create personalised products and treatments for your hair, skin and body. How great is that?

The products at N.O.W are all vegan, edible and natural, and are all extracted through natural processes. All of you environmentalists and even those of you who aren’t, this salon is worth a trip to. A rare venture into an industry that capitalises on chemicals, N.O.W not only is a great alternative for your body but also helps you stay in touch with Mother Nature.

We’re sure going to visit soon (even if we just visited a salon just a few days back) and we hope to see you there.